This weeks Top40

40. Bruce Springsteen, "Secret Garden"
39. No Doubt, "Sunday Morning"
38. Dj Company, "Rhythem of love"
37. Da Dip, "Freak nasty"
36. Erasure, "In my arms"
35. Puff Daddy, "I'll be missing you"
34. Will Smith, "Men in black"
33. 10,000 maniacs, "More than this"
32. 3rd party, "Can you feel it"
31. Dave mathews band, "Crash into me"
30. Babyface and stevie wonder, "How come how long"
29. Savage garden, "to the moon and back"
28. Jon Bon Jovi, "Midnight in Chelsea"
27. R Kelly, "Gotham city"
26. Counting Crows, "Daylight fading"
25. Gina G, "Gimme some love"
24. Blessed Union of souls, "Wanna be there"
23. Duncan Shiek, "Barely Breathing"
22. Bob Carlisle, "Butterfly kisses"
21. Blackstreet, "Dont leave me"
20. Envouge, "Whatever"
19. Jewel, "You were meant for me"
18. Paula Cole, "Where have all the cowboys gone"
17. Cheryl Crow, "A change would do you good"
16. Monica, "For you I will"
15. Backstreet Boys, "Quit playin games"
14. Sister hazel, "All for you"
13. 3rd eye blind, "Semi charmed life"
12. Az yet, "hard 2 say im sorry"
11. Savage garden, "I want you"
10. OMC, "How Bizarre"
9. White Town, "Your woman"
8. The verve pipe, "The freshmen"
7. Robyn, "Do you know what it takes"
6. Wall flowers, "One head light"
5. Mark Morrison, "Return of the mack"
4. Meridith brooks, "Bitch"
3. Shawn Colvan, "Sunny came home"
2. Spice Girls, "Say You'll be there"
1. Hanson, "Mmmmm Bop"

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