100. Faith Hill, "way you love me"
99. Lenny kravitz, "American woman"
98. Dr Dre w/ eminem, "Forgot about dre"
97. Brittany Spears, "From the bottom of my broken heart"
96. Foo fighters, "Learning to fly"
95. TLC, "Dear lie"
94. Sister hazel, "Change your mind"
93. Jenifer Lopez, "feeling so good"
92. Lou Bega, "Mambo #5"
91. Sugar ray "Someday"
90. 702, "Where my girls at?"
89. Brittany SPears, "Crazy"
88. Backstreet boys, "Larger than life"
87. Splender, "I think god can explain"
86. Counting crows, "Hanging around"
85. TLC, "Unpretty"
84. Madonna, "American pie"
83. Amber "Sexual"
82. Third eye blind, "Deep inside"
81. Red Hot chilli peppers, "Otherside"
80. Jessica Simpson, "I wanna love you forever"
79. DMX, "Party up"
78. Enrique Iglesias, "Rhythem devine"
77. Len, "Steal my sunshine"
76. Evan & Jarron, "Crazy for this girl"
75. Sting, "Desert rose"
74. Alice dj, "Better off alone"
73. Dream, "Loves you not"
72. Savage garden, "Crash & Burn"
71. Goo Goo dolls, "If your gone"
70. Backstreet boyx, "The one"
69. Ruff endz, "No more"
68. Marc Antony, "You sang to me"
67. Jenifer Lopez, "Waiting for tonite"
66. Filter, "Take a picture"
65. Eminem, "Slim shady"
64. Goo Goo Dolls, "Broadway"
63. Westlife, "Swear it again"
62. Bare naked ladies, "Pinch me"
61. Brittany spears, "LUcky"
60. Destinsy child, ""
59. RIcky martin, "She bangs"
58. Backstreet boys, "Shape of my heart"
57. Sugar Ray, "Falls apart"
56. Kandy, "Dont think I'm not"
55. Train, "Meet virginia"
54. Baha men, "Who let the dogs out"
53. mya, "Case of the X"
52. Whitney Houston, "My love is your love"
51. Mandy, "I turn to you"
50. Smashmouth, "Then the morning comes"
49. Everclear, "Wonderful"
48. Debalah Morgan, "Dance with me"
47. 98 degrees, "Gimme just 1 night"
46. Lonestar, "Amazed"
45. Blink182, "All the small things"
44. Vertical Horizon, "You're a god"
43. Bon Jovie, "Its my life"
42. Jessica SImpson, "I think im in love w/ you"
41. Mandy Moore, "I wanna be with you"
40. Samantha mumba, "Gotta tell ya"
39. Nelly, "Country Grammer"
38. Faith Hill, "Breathe"
37. Sisqo, "Thong song"
36. N Sync, "This I promise you"
35. 3rd eye blind, "Never let you go"
34. Marc antony, "I need to know"
33. Kid Rock, "Only god can explain"
32. Enrique Iglesias, "Be w/ you"
31. Janet jackson, "does it really matter"
30. Bryan Mcknight, "Back at one"
29. Eiffel 65, "Blue da ba dee"
28. Christina Aguillera, "All I want is you"
27. Brittany spears, "OOops I did it again"
26. BBMak, "back here"
25. Celine Dion, "Thats the way it is"
24. Joe, "I wanna know"
23. Blaque, "Bring it all to me"
22. Sonique, "Feels so good"
21. Backstreet Boys, "Show me the meaning of being lonely"
20. Soul Decision, "Faded"
19. Santana, "Maria Maria"
18. Pink, "Most girls"
17. Alliyah, "Try again"
16. Creed, "With arms wide open"
15. Santana, "Smooth"
14. Pink, "There you go"
13. Destinys CHild, "Say my name"
12. 9 days, "Absolutely, story of a girl"
11. Madonna, "Music"
10. Christina Aguillera, "What a girl wants"
9. N sync, "Its gonna be me"
8. Savage Garden, "I knew I loved you"
7. Macy Gray, "I try"
6. Destinys Child, "Jumper"
5. 3 Doors down, "Kryptonite"
4. N Sync, "Bye"
3. Creed, "Higher"
2. Matchbox20, "Bent"
1. Vertical Horizon, "Everything you want"