Top100 songs of the 2002

100. 5 for fighting, "Superman, Its not easy"
99. Fuel, "Bad day"
98. P Diddy, "I need a girl part2"
97. Incubus, "Drive"
96. Nelly Furtado, "Im like a bird"
95. Aerosmith, "Just push play"
94. Lifehouse, "Hanging by a moment"
93. The Calling, "Adrian"
92. Hoobastank, "Running away"
91. Jewel, "Standing still"
90. Shakira, "Objection"
89. Blue Cantrell, "Hit em upstyle"
88. Stained, "Its been awhile"
87. Jaylo, "Jenny from the block"
86. Train, "Drops of Jupiter"
85. Allanis Morrisette, "Hands clean"
84. Matchbox 20, "Mad season"
83. Madonna, "Die another day"
82. 3 doors down, "Be like that"
81. Jaylo, "Im real"
80. Dave Mathews, "Everyday"
79. Usher, "You dont hafta call"
78. Paul Oakenfeld w/ Shifty shellshock, "Stary-eyed suprise"
77. Kylie Manogue, "Love at 1st sight"
76. Enrique Iglesias, "Hero"
75. Mary J blige, "No more drama"
74. 98 degrees, "My everything"
73. N Sync, "Gone"
72. Lifehouse, "Spin"
71. Toya, "I do"
70. Dave Mathews, "Space between"
69. Christina Aguillera, "Dirty"
68. Our lady peace, "Somwhere out there"
67. Puddle of mudd, "She hates me"
66. Pink, "Family Portrait"
65. Creed, "one last breath"
64. Kelly Clarkson, "A moment like this"
63. Michelle branch, "Everywhere"
62. POD, "Youth of the nation"
61. IO, "Rapture"
60. Goo Goo Dolls, "Big Machine"
59. No Doubt, "Hey baby"
58. Nickleback, "Too bad"
57. John Mayer, "Your body is a wonderland"
56. Goo Goo Dolls, "Here is gone"
55. Pink, "You make me sick"
54. DJ Sammy, "Heaven" (slow mix)
53. Matchbox 20, "Disease"
52. Michelle branch, "Goodbye to you"
51. Outkast, "Whole world"
50. City High, "Caramel"
49. Justin Timberlake, "Love you"
48. Cheryl Crow, "Soak up the sun"
47. Vannessa Carleton, "Ordinary Day"
46. Nelly Furtado, "Turn off the lights"
45. Enrique Iglesias, "Hero"
44. Ja Rule, "Livin it up"
43. John Mayer, "No such thing"
42. Dirty Vegas, "Days go by"
41. Avril Lavigne, "Sk8r boi"
40. Eve, "Gangsta lovin"
39. Pink, "Most Girls"
38. Enrique Iglesias, "Escape"
37. No Doubt, "Underneath it all"
36. LeAnne Rhymes, "Cant fight the moonlight"
35. Default, "Wasting my time"
34. Daniel Beddingfield, "Gotta get through this"
33. P diddy, "i need a gal part1"
32. Jaylo, "Im gonna be allright"
31. JaRule Ashanti, "Always on time"
30. DJ Sammy, "Heaven"
29. Creed, "one last breath"
28. N Sync, "Girlfriend"
27. Shakira, "Underneath your clothes"
26. No Doubt, "Hellagood"
25. Creed, "My sacrafice"
24. Shakira, "Whenever wherever"
23. Eminem, "w/out me"
22. Craig David, "7 days"
21. Chad Kroger w/ Josie scott, "Hero"
20. Pink, "Just like a pill"
19. No Doubt, "Hey baby"
18. Jimmy eat world, "The middle"
17. Ashanti, "Foolish"
16. Kylie Manouge, "cant get you outta my head"
15. Nelly, "Dilemna"
14. Fat Joe, "Whats love"
13. Mary J Blige, "Family Affair"
12. Usher, "You got it bad"
11. Pink, "get the party started"
10. nelly, "Getting hot in here"
9. Puddle of mudd, "Blurry"
8. Michelle Branch, "All you wanted"
7. Pink, "Dont let me get me"
6. Jaylo, "Aint it funny"
5. Vannessa Carleton, "a thousand miles"
4. The Calling, "Wherever you will go"
3. Avril Lavigne, "Complicated"
2. Linkin Park, "In the end"
1. Nickleback, "How you remind me"
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