The top 100 songs of 1997!

100. Ginna G, "Gimme some love"
99. Envouge, "Too gone, Too long"
98. Cranberries, "When your gone"
97. Aqua, "Barbie girl"
96. INOJ, "Love you down"
95. Genuine, "Pony"
94. She Moves, "Breakin all the rules"
93. No Mercy, "Please don't go"
92. Red hot chilli peppers, "Love roller coaster"
91. Backstreet boys, "As long as you love me"
90. Elton John, "Somethin about the way you looked tonite"
89. Hanson, "I'll come to you"
88. Notorios B I G, "Mo $$, Mo problems"
87. Black out all stars, "I like it"
86. Journey, "When you love a woman"
85. New Edition, "Still in love"
84. Usher, "You make me wanna"
83. Toni Braxton, "Your makin me high"
82. Celine Dion, "All coming back to me now"
81. Leah Andreoni, "Its allright, its ok"
80. 10,000 maniacs, "More than this"
79. Real McCoy, "one more time"
78. Savage Garden, "To the moon an back"
77. Bob Carlisle, "Butterfly kisses"
76. Envouge, "Whatever"
75. Maria Carey, "Butterfly"
74. Fiona Apple, "Criminal"
73. John Melloncamp, "Just another day"
72. Peach Union, "On my own"
71. Imani Coppola, "Legend of a cowgirl"
70. U2, "Starring at the sun"
69. Hooty and the blowfish, "I go blind"
68. Bruce Springsteen, "Secret Garden"
67. Lucious Jackson, "Naked eye"
66. Mr President, "cocoa Jumbo"
65. Amy Grant, "Takes a lil time"
64. Kieth sweat, "Twisted"
63. No mercy, "Where do you go"
62. Wallflowers, "The difference"
61. Madonna, "Don't cry for me Argentina"
60. Maria Carey, "Honey"
59. Mighty Mighty Bosstones, "Impression that I get"
58. Allure, "All cried out"
57. Blackstreet, "Don't leave me"
56. Smash Mouth, "Walkin on the sun"
55. Hanson, "Wheres the love"
54. Cheryl Crow, "If it makes you happy"
53. Amber, "This is your nite"
52. Blessed union of souls, "I wanna be there"
51. Donna Lewis, "I love you always forever"
50. Boys II men, "4 season of lonliness"
49. Celine Dion, "All by myself"
48. Sara McLachlan, "Building a mystery"
47. Alanis morrisette, "Head over feet"
46. Cheryl Crow, "A change would do you good"
45. Dave Mathews "Crash into me"
44. Meryl Bainbridge, "Mouth"
43. 98 degrees, "Invisible man"
42. Chumbawamba, "Tubthumpin"
41. Puff daddy, "I'll be missing you"
40. Robyn, "Show me love"
39. Keith sweat, "nobody"
38. Blackstreet, "No diggidy"
37. R Kelly, "I believe i can fly"
36. Babyface, "Everytime I close my eyes"
35. Paula Cole, "I don't wanna wait"
34. Counting crows, "Long December"
33. Tonic, "If you could only see"
32. Will smith, "Men in black"
31. White town, "Your woman"
30. AZ yet, "Hard to say im sorry"
29. LeAnne Rhymes, "How do I live"
28. Spice Girls, "Two become one"
27. Cheryl Crow, "Everyday is a winding road"
26. Monica, "for you i will"
25. The Verve pipe, "The freshman"
24. Spice Girls, "Wanna be"
23.   "     "  , "Say You'll be there"
22. Paula Cole, "Where have all the cowboys gone"
21. Ginna G, "Ohh ahh, just a lil bit"
20. Toni Braxton, "Unbreak my heart"
19. Sugar Ray, "Fly"
18. Meredith Brooks, "Bitch"
17. Matchbox 20, "Push"
16. Mark Morrison, "Return of the mack"
15. Jewel, "Foolish games"
14. Hanson, "mmmm bop"
13. Duncan Sheik, "Barely breathing"
12. Robyn, "Do you know what it takes"
11. Sister hazel, "All 4 u"
10. Shawn Colvan, "Sunny came home"
9. Envouge, "Don't let go"
8. Backstreet boys, "Quit playin games"
7. O M C, "How bizarre"
6. Savage Garden, "I want you"
5. 3rd eye blind, "Semi charmed life"
4. wallflowers, "1 head lite"
3. No Doubt, "Don't speak"
2. Cardigans, "Love fool"
1. Jewel, "You were meant for me"