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 This section is open for any work [in progress or finished], that has some connection to The Lion King. If you'd like a story posted, just E-mail it to me, along with your name, surname [or just your nickname] and E-mail address.




Author Title Description
 Mark Bernhardt The Lion King Chronicles Part 1 Not one of my favorites, but I read both parts
  The Lion King Chronicles Part 1  
John H. Burkitt Chronicles of the Pridelands One of the best and well known Lion King fan fictions
  The Spirit Quest A Companion Story for CotPL
  Shadow of the Makei A Companion Story for The Spirit Quest
  Under the Acacias A Companion Story for 
Shadow of the Makei
  The Leonid Saga Many stories, referred to in CotPL
  The Promise A short CotPL story
John H. Burkitt
...see also... Ian Layton
Touch of the Nisei A Chronicles of the Pride Lands Story about Elanna
Steve Conley The War of the Pride A short story about the LK pride before Simba was born
Elaine Duncan
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Circle of Life /
'ScarFan' Scar's Lost Autobiography /
Jenna Scar /
Kacie The New Friends /
Ian Layton 'Rama'
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Redemption A follow-up story of the Tales of Tanabi fan fiction
Tessa Mann Kisasian's son /
  The Fire Inside /
Joe McCauley All in a warthog's day A short story, explaining why Nala didn't catch Pumbaa all so easily
  A Safe Place /
  The Enigma Quite a large work on how Lion King could have ended
Rocío Orozco The Broken Legacy A work of quite some length about Scar
Drew Palmer Sweet Salvation Part 1 /
  Sweet Salvation Part 2  
  Sweet Salvation Part 3  
  Sweet Salvation Part 4  
Margaret Petrie 
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Taka's Song Did Scar really die at the end of the movie?
D. Ritchie The Guardian Prophesy One of my favorite stories involving humans in LK
Adrian M. Rossi Jungle Flame part 1
Jungle Flame part 2
Jungle Flame part 3
Jungle Flame part 4
A great story, but it leaves you wanting more
Gil 'the Great' Ruiz The Visitor An excellent short story by Gil :)
  Snapshots A sequel to The Visitor...
Samuel Simpson
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Moonrise My favorite short [!] story
  The Lion Rogue Another priceless story from Sam
Carissa "Krazy Kat" Smolko Relations /
Longing A touchy short story about Simba's feelings towards his uncle
Soraya/Silver Fang Promised Revenge /
Joshua C. Templin The Tales of Tanabi One of the most famous pieces of fan fiction
Mirco Zacher
John H. Burkitt
Homecoming A really great story, partially based on TLK and partially on a life story of a real lioness



Author Title Description
David Braun First Church of Simba 1 Christmas gifts from the First Church of Simba :)
  First Church of Simba 3 A FCoS meeting...
  First Church of Simba 3 And again :)
Dave Cleary
Jason Knight
Seinfeld A great parody on Seinfeld :)
Steven Hanov I Watch Too Much Lion King A song parody on I Just Can't Wait to be King
  Lion King meets Calvin and Hobbes Always a bad combination ;)
  Leeks at Disney And you thought Disney is a bunch of nice people ;)
Jason Knight Asking directions How /did/ Simba know how to come home after all that time?
  Super Stress Day How Lion King was really made :)
  Super Stress Day 2 And how the work on it's sequel is going ;)
  Jeopardy Need I say more?
Joe McCauley Long Log Of lions and logs...
Ryan McGinnis Lion King Anagrams I never realized how many there are :)
David Morris Haven't You Forgotten Something? Wasn't there something missing in the CYFtLT sequence? ;)
  The Lion King Workout Video And a one, and a two...
Sichi It's a Wrap The movie's "behind the scenes" script
Samuel Simpson
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Super Rafiki How did Rafiki ascend PR anyway?
  The Tiger Prince A transcript from an Animaniacs episode
<unknown> The Official Lion King Fandom Test The thing if you need a good laugh :)
Jonathan Woodward The Tiger Prince 2 Continuation to the Tiger Prince



Author Title Description
Charles "Rindimo Cheetah" Barta 
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Successor Not really a LK poem, but worth a look
Gareth Patterson Golden Lost Souls A non-tlk related poem worth reading
Carissa "Krazy Kat" Smolko He's Alive CYFtLT reunion in Nala's words
My Son's Eyes Sarabi tells of her son

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Author Title Description
Adelor The Games that Lionesses Play Sarafina/Sarabi [Simba/Nala]
  Guys` Night Out Timon/Simba
  Welcome Home Simba/Nala [and I really recommend it :]
Jason Ahrens Acceptance Chad/Nala [Simba]
Christine Morgan A Matter of Pride Short story, explaining why Nala really ran away
Jeffrey Robert Reed More Then Just Friends CYFtLT as seen from Simba's view
Jeffrey Robert Reed To Sarabi: Thanks for Everything How Sarabi told Simba about facts of life
Scar II The Full Circle Finale of Scar's Journey
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Sperm Donor Sarafina/Scar




Author Title Description
David Braun Personal Experience Story A life story of a Lion King fanatic. All true ;)
Steven Hanov Lion King/Star Trek Crossover An unfinished piece
Ryan Markey The Lion King: Chaos Lion King/Jurassic Park crossover
David Morris The Unofficial Lion King Character Encyclopedia
October 1996 Edition
Although a bit out of date, this is what every FanFiction writer needs
Anonymous Lion Trek- the beginning Funny little piece...
Matt Stoughton Personal Experience Story Another fan's story
Brian Tiemann
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Sex in The Lion King One of the major topics of discussion

Books about lions

-Joy Adamson: Born Free
-Joy Adamson: Living Free
-Gareth Patterson: Last of the Free
-Gareth Patterson: With my Soul Amongst Lions

For the four above stated books I recommend reading in the above order, since they are based on each other (if you can't find them in the library, try for Europe or for the US).

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