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      Howls and hello! Welcome to Silver Wolf's Balto Page, a site dedicated to the movie Balto and its sequel, Wolf Quest. Read below for news and updates.

.: 10/23/04 - Fan Fiction update

Wow, this has taken me so much longer than I expected; sorry about that guys (and I'm not even done with the updates yet!). And no, I haven't been living underground for the past few months; I do know about Balto 3, and I will get an info page about that up soon!

Anyway, I was able to finish fanfic updates today. I hope I am able to get another block of time to finish doing fan art, links, etc. A total of 16 stories have been either added or have had chapters added to them.

FEATURED FANFIC: Balto Untold, by Eagle205
It has been a long time since a piece of fanfiction has been written to this degree of length (97 pages!) and quality. Eagle205 has done something amazing; he has provided the missing link between Balto and Wolf Quest. Eagle crafts a detailed story that secures its place as one of the classics in Balto fan fiction, along side stories written by J. Wolfman, Cyberwulfe, and many others. I would rather not give away too much about the plot, as I would encourage everyone to read this! Thanks, Eagle, for sharing this story!

posted by Silver Wolf (Spitfire)

.: 9/23/04 - An Explanation...

I am so sorry that updates have taken me this long. After the last update, I went away for a month, and when I returned, I had to start packing. I no doubt had plenty of opportunities to do a site update, but computer problems got in the way. My desktop is still having issues, so I'm in the process of transferring everything over to my laptop. Also, I just started college, so the whole drive across the country/packing/moving in really ate up a lot of my time.

I am so sorry it has taken me this long. My schedule has days where I have long, long blocks of free time, so I really hope to get things transferred over soon/get the internet working on my desktop.

Again, I hope you can forgive me, and thank you for understanding and for your patience. I really appreciate all of the support that this site has; I couldn't do it without you guys.

Thank you.

posted by Silver Wolf (Spitfire)

.: 7/2/04 - Fan Art!

One day late, yes, I realize that (well, technically, only 11 hours and 18 minutes...). If it weren't for submitting final class proposals for next year and getting college orientation information all set, it would have been done yesterday. But enough of my excuses...

Fan Art:
-1 new piece by a new artist, CyBeRmUtT
-1 new piece of artwork added by another new artist, Dosie
-5 pictures by a new artist, Amber Fox, have been added
-3 new pieces by another new artist, Gabrielle
-7 new pieces of artwork have been added by the wonderful artist, greykitty86
-1 new piece by a new artist, Hyenadae
-4 new pictures have been added by another new artist, Tilly

You may also see some slight formatting changes to the artist pages that I updated. This is to accommodate more pictures without having the page be so long. I plan on changing all of the artist pages eventually (it will be done in my spare time between updates), and all new artist pages will be formatted the new way.

Also, I'm planning on bringing the old guestbook back. This will not only add an interactive element (although not a very strong one), it will also provide a place where I can get some feedback on how my site is doing.

I'm leaving on July 15th to work until August 15th; I'd appreciate if you'd wait to send your new fan works until after August 15th or before July 12th (I could do a mini update then).

Thanks again everyone for being so patient!

posted by Silver Wolf (Spitfire)

.: 6/30/04 - Some Updates...and a Warning

But...not all updates.

I have finished the fan fiction/links pages, but I have not finished the fan art section. I just wanted to at least get some of the new works up before the end of the month. Don't worry, I'm working on the fan art and it should be up very soon (most likely late tomorrow night). Again, thank you all for being so patient. It has been frustrating for me as well; I have really wanted to work on the site, but I haven't had the time.

Fan Fiction:
-1 new story by a new author, Barque (Wolf Dog Out in the Cold)
-3 new stories by Ewolfbalto (Balto: The President's Cup, The Olympics, and the Puisance)
-Greykitty's story, "The Meeting", has had a chapter added to it
-1 new story by a new author, Crimson Husky (Jenna's True Love)
-1 new story by another new author, Hyenadae (Saka's New Home)
-1 new story by yet another new author, Madison (The Decision)
-1 new sony parody by EbonyPatriot (A Balto Flik: The Quest)
-Another chapter in the "Hostate Situation" series by RandyKathyNate has been added
-1 new story by a new author, SnowPupAleu, has been added (A Different Side of a Half Breed)

-Link to "The Balto Source" added - awesome site, all in French, but a must see!
-Link to "The Shadow's Realm" added - another great site with lots of potential!
-Link to "The Crystal Clear Wolf Pack" added - if you like to RP wolves, then this place is for you!
-Changed the URL for Star's Haven (Greykitty's site)

Oh, and congratulations to EbonyPatriot! Her story, "The Wolfdog of Holy Cross", was the 100th fanfic submitted to me! However, due to formatting errors, it will be posted after those are corrected. But hey, the waiting will pay off; it will be "featured" in the next update, of course!

I also added a little yellow star to all of the fanfics that are new, thanks to a fan suggestion!

Also, recently I discovered a Balto site that stole code from not only my site but many other Balto sites as well. I would like to again stress the importance of always ASKING before taking something and to please respect a web master's wishes. Thanks so much; it is appreciated.

Fan art, tomorrow!

posted by Silver Wolf (Spitfire)

.: 6/12/04 - I live!

No, I did not drop off of the face of the Earth.

I apologize to all of you fans out there that have either submitted something or are waiting for new updates (or both, for that matter). Recently, things have been extremely busy; I have had something to do each weekend since I last updated.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to get to updates tonight like I expected. Yes, I do have some of them done. However, because I have pre-camp next week (certification to be a horseback riding instructor) and a rowing camp right afterwards, I won't be home until next Thursday.

I will get to updates then! You have permission to flood my inbox on the evening of Friday the 25th with subject titles of "UPDATE!!!" if I have not updated during the day on Friday.

Thank you all for being so patient.

posted by Silver Wolf (Spitfire)

.: 4/10/04 - 5 Years Online!

...well, technically, 5 years and one day ;).

First of all, I need to thank all of the fans that have supported this site over the years. I couldn't have run this place with out you guys! All of you that submitted fanworks, have provided tips, or just sent an e-mail to say you liked the site, thank you.

I don't know if I'll be able to finish the little Flash "history" segment, if not, I'll create a page real quick and hopefully get that up and running later today or tomorrow. I also have some artwork I need to scan in, and I also hope to get to that today.

Again, thank you! This site has certainly come a long way since April 9th, 1999...

posted by Silver Wolf (Spitfire)

.: 3/20/04 - It's almost spring break...

...almost being the key word ;). Four more days (not including today) for me until I leave on vacation. I will only be gone for a little over a week, but again, if there are any pressing matters/concerns that need to be brought to my attention, please do so on or before 3/24/04. Anyway, on to the updates!

Fan Fiction:
-1 new story by EbonyPatriot (Balto XIII)
-1 new story by a new author, Kiche (Ixi)
-1 new story by another new author, Tondalover (Maggie)
-Another piece of fanfiction by a new author, Wolf Witch (The Return of Balto's Father)
-Fixed the link to Mikari-Star's story; it works now

-3 new pieces of art by a new artist, Arctic Pup
-2 pieces of art by another new artist, Ditz

-1 new link to Balto Argentina (in Spanish), which sports a real neat layout

Web Rings:
-Code for "The White Wolf Web Ring" has been added

I've also plan on adding a TagBoard (or something similar) in an effort to create some interactivity for this site (which I feel is lacking). I also plan on putting the old guest book back, which I stopped linking to for some strange reason some time ago. I'm still playing around with adding an "In the Spotlight" portion somewhere on this site for fanfiction, fanart, and a link.

All of this and more in celebration of almost 5 years online. April 9th, 1999 was when it all began (I plan on doing a little Flash history segment)...

posted by Silver Wolf (Spitfire)

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