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The Adventures of the TLK-L team- The return part 1 

After the successful return of the TLK characters to the hallowed
Pridelands, the TLK-L team enjoyed a fun period of rest and relaxation in
relative peace. The plushie supply that I had so skillfully stowed in my
room was the envy of all...except my parents who found the collective
metallic roar of hundreds of roaring Simbas a bit annoying.
 All was quiet on the western front. As I had done in the months past, I
sat down at my computer to enjoy a quiet evening of MUCKing and RP
 "It never fails to amaze me..." I mumbled under my breath, "That there are
at least four TLK style MUCKs, and none of the RP is like it used to be."
My thought was broken when (after about ten tries) my MUCK client finally
connected to the MUCK. Just when I began to type in my password, the darn
thing crashed and there on my screen was the face I hadn't seen in a while.
 "Simba, we've got trouble."
 "Jones?! Daryl Jones? What are you doing on my computer??" Daryl A Jones
was not the type of person I expected a call from at this hour He was the
Disney contact through which the TLK-L team
recieved its orders, and a call from him could only mean bad news. But
right now, I was more concerned with the fact that he somehow had tapped
into my computer.
 "Phones are obsolete man, get with the times." I had forgotten that in my
neverending quest to learn everything about the internet, I had fallen
behind the times. (paradox)
 "Okay DJ, what's the problem this time." Unlike our previous encounter,
Daryl seemed more calm, almost resigned. Taking his time to make sure he
put in all the details, he spelled out to me the nitty-gritty of our next
 "You've got to be kidding me..." I said after he had finished.
 "No, this is perfectly serious. Get the TLK-L team on it, pronto."
 "Here we go again..." I sighed. I rapidly punched in the secret TLK code
(CTRL-ALT-DEL for those of you who'd like to try ;)) and the message was
sent to the list members.
Hitting the special switch alongside my chair, I was suddenly injected into
a tunnel and hurled around for one heckuva ride. One thing Disney knew, was
how to make a secret slide more fun. Within minutes I was at the head of
the TLK-L table, and the team was coming in. As I looked about, it seemed
like ages since the last time we had all been together.
 The face of the TLK-L had changed a bit. Some battlehardy members still
held firm to the 'old guard'/'new guard' mentality, although the dynamics
had shifted nicely. But happily, there were some things that hadn't
changed. Ryan McGinnis and Brian Tiemann, keepers of great archives and
Logozo with his special SPAM weapondry and Wiz-powers. Myra, Margaret and
Joe Toscano entered the room, at the head of a growing Scar-fan pack.
Calico giggled incessantly upon entering, again. How much can one person
take of hyenas anyhow? Dave Cleary came in in his usual 'sanctimonious'
leading several representatives from the FCOS. Dave Braun, on the other
paw, was giving the hard pitch to everyone as they came down the chute
about some Meteor Sale at the FCOS. John Burkett, Dave Morris, Chris Boyce,
Ian Layton and a host of others from Elsa's Pride, murmuring amongst
themselves as to their next fanfiction. Nimrod Carmi, Simba III and Ed
Debuse took their usual places as the Simbaholics, leading a large group
with them. Suddenly, music blared down a tube and Mageuzi, Anneke, Kimya,
Msondo, and TxTimon popped out, wearing black suits and playing the KIB
theme song. Trying to stop the inevitable group urge to dance to the tune,
I tried to call the meeting to some semblance of order.
 "Alright! Alright! Lets settle down, we have something to take care of!" A
collective groan raced through the group for a moment before things got
quiet again. Just when I was about to start, in popped the Nalaholics in
full gear. Unlike the last time, they seemed to be under much better
control (due to some therapy) and took their places quietly. I couldn't
help but smile. Taking count, I didn't see as many as I expected, until I
looked in the lurkers corner and noticed the tea party. Seems like its been
popular there recently. But I digress.
 "You are probably wondering why you all are here..." I started, pausing as
the sound of an opening chute. In came the Nalas, and with them came the
chaos. The Nalaholics went crazy all over again, lifted and gently placed
them on plush chairs while the others bowed and worshiped. Oh well, once a
Nalaholic, always a Nalaholic. A few LOOKs and the room fell calm again.
 "Now that everyone is here..." I looked around worriedly, as if expecting
an interruption. When none came, I continued, "Perhaps we can get on with
the situation. How's about the minutes from the last meeting Dave? No! No!
I mean-" but it was too late, already the fifty Daves were standing again,
grinning sheepishly. "Braun..." I muttered. Dave Cleary piped up.
 "Hey! But *I* was the secretary last time!"
 "You read us news from the FCOS meeting! Go write your music!" Given the
choice, he rapidly snatched a piece of music paper and began scribbling
down notes. The incessant murmur of Elsa's Pride was getting to me, so I
spoke up.
 "Is there something that you have to say?" Jarrod Henry answered.
 "Well, we're here but we're not doing anything!" Using that as the jump
off point, I nodded to Dave Braun, who took a moment to give Dave Cleary a
juicy raspberry to rub in the loss of his position.
 "Last meeting we discussed the virtues of the list as a community, gave
out a few prizes, and umm, saved the TLK-Cast from an inevitable
fate-worse-than-death. Syndication by the Warner Brothers." The cheers were
 "Attalist! Attalist!" were the calls from all around. Then, from nowhere
Rindimo calls out,
 "The end of the world is coming! The end of the world is coming!"
Naturally, this distracted the list from its intended purpose of TLK once
more, sending it into a frenzy of offtopic cries and grunts. Before long,
John Burkett could be heard screaming.
 "Yaguares! Yaguares!" Everyone fell silent and looks around for the big
cat. "Read it." JB said in a softer tone as he sat down.
 "This is insane.." I muttered. It was time for secret weapon A. Whispering
to Logozo, he pulled out his remote keyboard and quickly used @Q to bring
the room back to a state of control. For a moment there was peace.
 "Now then, the problem..." I said, happy to see that things were calm for
a moment. "Daryl contacted me, breaking my connection from the MUCK in the
process," <glares at Logozo, who didn't seem to be connected> "to tell me
that there's been a worldwide situation." Just then, a shadow in the back
raced through the room.
 "They found me!" it screamed, racing over several people before diving
into the closet. I just ignored it, unable to take much more of the
silliness that sometimes rules the room.
 "ANYhow...Daryl told me that we are needed again for our special skills."
I tried not to laugh at this, but remained serious to deliver the problem.
"As you all know, the worldwide supply of TLK merchendise has been
declining." There was a collective nod, "However, Disney has been tracking
shipments, and they are arriving with less and less actual merchendise.
Somehow, plushies have been disappearing before they even get to the
stores. Its up to us to find out what's going on."
TO BE CONTINUED... maybe ;)

The short awaited part two :)
Part 2
 There was a silence that pervaded the room. Eventually, all eyes began to
turn on those with the biggest TLK collections.
 "Where's Tzup!" Someone called, "He had a whole web site on
collections."To my surprise the group began to turn on each other with
accusing eyes. It made sense in an X-files sort of way. The worlds largest
TLK fans, stealing from Disney to augment their own collections. Yeah,
we're sick, but who cares what others think? Several members began to
mercilessly grille some of the great plushie collectors like Myra and
Miana, before Aristide spoke up with a voice of sense.
 "Well, what's wrong with all the TLK plushies being gone?" he reasoned,
"If they are rare, then the ones we have will be worth more than they are
now." this revelation plunged the room into silence. Suddenly, the group
realized that those with the most plushies would be rich, so they pulled
Myra and Miana off the grill and quickly tried to make them choose their
best friends. The words did ring with some semblance of sense.
 "Hmm, that is true. But if all the merchendise is gone, what are we going
to buy when Simba's Pride comes out?"
 "You mean, IF it comes out." someone called. Suddenly, there was a loud
giggling that pervaded the whole room.
 "Who is that?" I asked, looking at the person rolling on the ground with
insane laughter.
 "That's just the new kid, Msanii." someone commented.
 "Oh." I nodded going back to the point, "Alright, alright. IF Simba's
Pride comes out. Then what are we going to get then, hmm? Tell me that?
There will be no more Simba plushes" collective gasp from Simbaholics, "No
Timon," a cry of agony from the KIB, "No Pumbaa." the sound of crickets as
people looked around for who would care, "And most definitely no
lionesses." This last piece of information produced a unique effect.
 "No Sarafina!??" Logozo cried out.
 "No Nala???" called out a large gathering of wild Nalaholics. Something of
note: I've not seen that many people faint since the last Micheal Jackson
concert. Then again, I haven't put the entire list on Broadway to see the
play. But I digress.
 "That's right, no more Nala, or anything." This produced a mixture of
cries, ranging from those calling for immediate action, to those lurkers
who would probably just find out in a few days. I waved my hands to get
everyone to calm down. "Now that you see my point, you see the importance
of getting organized and getting to work. We need to access all our
resources to make this possible. If I'm right, Kublia already has a map of
the Europeans on the list, right?" I got a nod from Kublia.
 "I'm working on one for the US members!" Mageuzi called out.
 "Excellent! Don't forget Rocio in Mexico while you're at it. Anyone who is
not on it make sure you tell him." Another
group-control mistake on my part. The room flew into a frenzy, with people
calling out their locations and names to him without any semblance of
order. "PRIVATELY!" I added quickly, hushing down the room. Of course, some
still felt it necessary to spam the rest of us with their information, but
a threat from Dave Sauve and his mighty SPAM weapondry silenced them and
the rest as well.
 "Alright, lets get a plan together, Dukat?" Shaun came to the front and
unrolled a plan.
 "Call me Stahi." he grunted. As he laid out the plan of attack, things
fell into place quickly. The maps created by Kublia and Mageuzi were
quickly transformed into CGI by Brian and placed on Ryan's website. Marcus
Aanerud created some really high quality Quicktime videos to give a visual
aid for our attack plan. John Burkett led Elsa's Pride in transcribing the
details for a great story. The rest of the members headed to their chutes,
leaving only a few in the room. I could only hope that the plushie thief,
or whatever was taking the plushies might be easily caught.
 The TLK-L team spread out to their respective areas about the world. Each
member did their best to search for TLK merchendise, but things were coming
up short. Day after day, the plushie supply was being eaten slowly to
nothing, and the TLK-L team had very few leads. And to top things off,
everyone was buying everything they could find! This was getting us
nowhere. I had begun to lose hope slightly, when I got a call from Daryl
 "Any leads?" he asked me. I sighed.
 "Did you HAVE to cut off my MUCK again?? Do you know how long I've been
trying to-"
 "Simba, the plushies!"
 "No," I said resignedly, "I haven't any leads. But the team is working
around the globe to figure this thing out.
 "Well, I have an opportunity you might find useful." He shuffled papers as
I looked on anxiously. "Disney is sending a shipment to Orlando from
overseas. I want the TLK-L team to be the personal guardians of it, and
make sure it gets there with everything in it." My eyes widened, this was
something we couldn't pass up!
 "I'll get the group on it immediately." And without even closing my client
window (I would probably get idlebooted off anyway) I slid down my chute to
deliver the news to the list members.
 Teams were made quickly. The KIB were going to provide the open escort,
while the FCOS set up a makeshift altar in the room to ward any bad
spirits. The Certified Nalaholics hid in the vault with the plushies, while
Elsa's Pride took notes. All was in readiness and I awaited their arrival
at Orlando International Airport, anxious and curious.
 When the plane landed, Richasi, the other Florida listers and I were there
immediately. The KIB were the first to report.
 "noThIng My team saw." Mageuzi commented, the tone of his voice strange,
"Of course, you might waNt to check wIth Some of the others. Creaks and
Other things like that were the OnLy sounds we hear. no one in or out." I
shook my head, the phrase "Timon is cool" popped into my head as he
finished speaking. I thanked him and went to see the FCOS.
 "No evil spirits here." Snowcat said with a hiccup. I had forgotten that
the FCOS is especially active on St. Patty's day, and the sacramental wine
had flowed all during the flight. Leaving the debauch behind, I went on to
read the notes from Elsa's Pride. Although there was a neat new fanfiction
in the planning stages, no one had gone in or out of the vault. That left
one thing, and to my better judgement I threw open the vault doors, hoping
we had been successful. I would later write in my report to Nalaholics
Anonymous that Nalaholics, darkness, and a room full of plushies is very
dangerous. As if to make things worse, the Nalaholics were acting out
scenes from Acceptance all over again.
 After getting that mess taken care of, I engaged in a full plushie count
along with the rest of the list. The KIB counted the Timon plushes, FCOS
took the Simba plushes, Elsa's Pride took care of the Nala plushes (the
Nalaholics were just too out of it at this point) and the rest looked
around but couldn't seem to find the plushie of their liking. In the end,
we counted 900 plushies leaving 100 missing. I was beside myself. Where had
the other 100 gone? The ensuing cavity search produced only 10 from the
lazing Nalaholics, leaving us will still 90 missing. This news was very
distressing, and the entire team went back to their homes pretty dejected.
 That night I went outside feeling down as well. Somehow, we were missing
something obvious, something that is as simple as...Pumbaa. It was a warm
Florida evening, and I always enjoy being in the nice weather. (especially
when its not trying to blow my house off the ground) Looking to the sky, I
 "Oh Endless night..." I commented absently, "You know, that would make a
good song."
 "Simba.." came the rumble from the sky. I sat upright quickly, and looked
around. "Simba.."
 "Aww man, not again." was my response.
 "Simba, I am your father." boomed the bassy tone from the mysteriously
green lit sky.
 "Mr. Jones, you're doing the wrong impression." I said somewhat irritably
to the sky. The sky boomed back.
 "Nevermind who I'm doing. I'm here to tell you you must take your place in
the Circle of Life." I stood there silently for a moment, then yelled back
at it.
 "How the heck is that going to help this situation?? I thought you were
supposed to tell me something that would make a difference!" The sky
flickered and receded.
 "Remember who you are..." the voice said much to my irritation, "You must
take your place in the Circle of Life." And just like that, it was gone.
 Normally I would be awed and honored by a visit from the famous voice and
image, but at the time, it proved only to complicate an already complex
storyline. What in the world did taking my place in the circle of life have
to do with missing plushies? Well, it was 9:00, and time to watch my
favorite show: X-files! Just as the theme song was playing, it hit me.
 And then I came to a realization. Mufasa/Darth/JEJ's visit was not to
speak, it was to give another idea. In fact, the whole experience had
opened my mind to possiblities that I hadn't considered before. And add in
a little X-files, and BAM! The answer was staring me right in the face.
Nine had both positive and negative square roots!!
 Finishing that blasted calculus lifted a load of my mind. It was large
enough for me to start thinking on the plushies again. I laid there,
listening to the news silently as I drifted off to sleep. The usual
disgusting talk of murder, rape, and society's evil made me frown as I
started into dreamland. But then there was something more interesting,
something that I actually perked up to hear. Something about the end of the
 As I listened, my eyes slowly began to open, paying more and more
attention. Could it be possible? It was incredulous, but just maybe..just
maybe... I tried to process it, TLK Plushies missing, and talk of the end
of the world? It wasn't possible unless... I leapt from the bed and to the
Maybe Rindimo was more right than he imaged at first...

Part 3- (how long will this crazy thing be? ;))
 It didn't take long before the dynamic TLK-L team filled the conference
room with its devoted fans. There were hushed murmurs all around. Obviously
some people didn't enjoy being woken up. The chaos was only augmented when
a loud cry floated over the room, demanding attention - literally.
 "Attention!" called AProkho383, "Attention! Is Ryan McGinnis here?
--Please-- tell me!!!!!!!" Thinking it was something of dire importance,
Ryan spoke up as we all listened.
 "I'm here! What is it?"
 "I love your page." was the reply, and just like that AProkho sat down to
murmer some more things about stories. Shaking my head in confusion, I
tried to bring things back to some semblance of order. Just then there was
a frantic knocking sound, causing all to look about as if confused.
 "Its coming from the closet." Someone said. Kat walked over and stood by
the door. We all watched, anxiously wondering what was going to happen. She
flung it open and out tumbled and overly large adolescent lion along with
several thousand sporks. "Mtunga?" she asked. He flashed her a smile and
ran off again. I sighed.
 "Alright, its about time that I tell you why I called you here, I had..."
 "An idea!" Takeshi cried out.
 "Yes," I acknowledged, "an idea. It was about-"
 "Where the missing plushies were!" Takeshi cried out again.
 "YES where the plushies were." He cleared my throat. "As I was saying..."
 "You think that the plushies disappearing has something to do with the
incoming end of the world that you saw on the news last night!" I just
stared at him, wondering why he was taking the story from my mouth. He gave
a broad grin, "Sorry, haven't been on much and I just got this report from
the NALA team..."
 "Fine, fine.." I said, "but yes, I think that it has something to do with
the news thing. Something is happening with the planets. Anyone here into
astronomy?" I saw several paws raised, including Stahi's. I felt confused.
 "Stahi? How do you.."
 "I had a character once who was really into stars..." he grunted,
unfolding a large map he just HAPPENED to have on him. As I pondered where
panthers keep their pockets, he described the current situation. Just as he
was starting, the entire room quivered, sending everyone to the ground or
grabbing onto the furniture.
 "Someone's thrown the list balance off!" Brian cried, quickly checking the
server. We all looked around, before our eyes fell on Shani.
 "Sorry." she says abashedly. "Please don't kick me out of the pride!"
 "Tar and feather her!" cried one voice!
 "Burn her at the stake!" cried another!
 "Can we PLEASE get rid of this person?" lamented Raccoon. I took a moment
to nudge Greg Ludwick.
 "Here's your flame war, are you happy now?" He nodded with a big smile.
And for a moment, the list was plunged into commentaries on "The longest
fanfic", chiding spam, and other things. I let them go at it for a while.
After all, Stahi was still waiting to explain what he'd found.
 It would appear that, in a rare set of circumstances, the galaxies and all
their planets were aligning around earth. In the process, the cosmic rays
that penetrated the atmosphere were attuned directly to the frequency that
the TLK plushies had! They were being evaporated into space! (Hey, if you
think this is farfetched, go try to RP on TLK Muck). Once the group calmed
down, I presented the facts of the matter to them. It was a little much,
even for some of the tougher members of the group.
 "So what can we do about it?" was the curious musing of Pascal Kranich.
Our cheif meterologist spoke up.
 "If the plushies are evaporating here, then they must be condensing
somewhere else," Rama reasoned, "So we can expect rain."
 "But if they're condensing in space..." I inquired, holding my breath for
the answer.
 "Then we can probably predict a rather large spherical mass to be hurtling
around somewhere in space." Rama said.
 "And with the strange gravitational effects of the galaxy's alignment, it
is very possible that that large mass will be headed directly into earth,
at a very high rate." Stahi added gravely. "I'll see about getting more
information." he said before hopping into a chute. The entire team was
looking at
each other in shock.
 "I told you the end was at hand!!" Rindimo cried out in a loud lament.
 "Does this mean free dinners at the Savannah Steak House?" I heard someone
ask. Rindimo gave the shadow a cold stare. "Hey! we're heavy tippers."
 "We are NOT tipplers!" cried Dave B. and Dave S. who were recovering from
last night's rouse.
 "TIPPERS" I corrected them, as they sat back down. It was time to think.
 "Won't all the plushies just condense into a nice soft fluff that will
just bounce off?" someon asked
 "Actually," spoke Tamarik, who had been inordinately quiet, "The
condensation of so much matter will probably compact itself into a rather
dense mass of material that certainly would have the potential to be harder
than the earth itself." We all looked at him, half wondering where he had
been, half surprised. But his analysis made sense.
 "This could be serious! Everyone hop on the net, we need to know as much
as we can about this thing as possible!" And so, the TLK-L team did the one
thing they thought they'd never have to do: search for things other than
TLK! While they were doing that, some of the computer experts in the group
began to establish an uplink to the Hubble Telescope to use it. (don't
worry, Disney probably owns a sizeable portion of NASA too) Sure enough,
there was a mass growing out there. Our next meeting brought all the facts
to light.
 "From the data on the Hubble telescope," our computer team said, "we have
determined that there is something out there, but its sketchy. The image is
really good, so it must be pretty close."
 "Are you sure that the Hubble isn't messed up again?" muttered a voice
from the back.
 "Yeah, the telescope is fine for the moment. But if it gets in the way of
that thing, then it'll be worth about as much as the Aluminum Simba
artifact, and just as big too." This produced an uproar from the FCOS, who
believed the artifact to be priceless in its own right. After everyone
calmed down from *that* little flame war (glance at Greg Ludwick again ;))
we got back down to business.
 "Any stats on its composition?" I asked.
 "Yes, it's made of plushies alright. We can still see the eyes on it." the
group shuddered, "The horror, the horror!" whispered Kurtz in a pained
voice. For a moment, we were all pretty surprised, wondering how the heck
*he* got in here?
 "Alright, we know what it is, and we know where its going. What do we do
 "If we all care enough, and hold hands and really hope, maybe we can
change the world."
 "You're dreaming, Ben." I said quietly. He shruged and kept on dreaming.
 "Maybe we can get Ndoto to get Sailor Moon to help us." Ndoto stood up
rather quickly and indignantly.
 "I am NOT wearing that skirt again!" We all snickered at that.
 "But you were so cute..." were the comments. Ndoto just hrumphed and sat
there. I turned to Mageuzi.
 "Is there any technology that the KIB has to help?"
 "well." Mageuzi started in his strange voice, "You knOw the kib Used to
have many different technoLogIes that could easily have KillEd any Threat
to come our way. but I don't think we have soMething pOwerful eNough to
stop a projectile of that size." The group shook their heads, suddenly
taken by a strange overpowering urge to like Timon. Shaking off the
feeling, I continued.
 "Err, yes. Alright any other suggestions?"
 "We could SPAM it?" Logozo suggested, sending people flying behind their
seats for cover.
 "No no, we don't want that stuff floating up there. There's enough garbage
in our atmosphere as it is." I said, setting myself to thought again. "Lets
think, what is the one thing that can stop a plushie?"
 This brought an unnerving silence on the room. Plushies had always been
such cute, cuddly things that you hugged when you felt good or bad. And
even the show 'when plushies attack' depicted them as unstoppable once they
got started with the 'cute' effect. It was a tough question indeed, and
Stahi's rushing in was amplified as he popped down the chute into the
 "Gee the list is quiet today.." he commented.
 "Anything new?" I asked.
 "Yeah, more bad news." he sais seriously, "I hope you know how to stop a
giant plushie mass, because this one is over 10 miles wide and headed
straight for us." Time was against us.
 "How much time do we have?"
 "48 hours," Stahi said, "and unless we stop it, The Lion King is going to
make its biggest impact on the planet yet."

Part 4- The conclusion. (or the end of the world, whichever comes first;))
 "Alright. We are in serious trouble." And for once, no one needed to add
anything to it. We had to do something and fast, but the important question
still stuck in my mind. "What stops a plushie?"
 "Washing machines?" I heard someone suggest
 "Violent children?" was another voice?
 "Burn it or soak it in water?" were two more suggestions from Kublia. I
looked at him incredulously.
 "Do you actually DO this to your plushies?" I asked.
 "If they don't behave, yes." he answered. I guessed that when you have a
lot of plushies, they can get out of line every once in a while.
 "Errr, yes." I said, still curious as to what that exactly meant,
"Alright, what
else can we do?"
 "I have an idea.." spoke someone who I hadn't heard from in a while. Paavo
"Rainbow Rat" Hartikainen stood up. "The TLK-L jet is still operational. We
could modify it for atmospheric travel and get a shot off of some sort at
the mass." I nodded as the list cheered, led by Dave Cleary.
 "Attaboy Paavo! Attaboy!"
 "Sounds feasible! But what to shoot at it?" Ed Debuse spoke up.
 "Leave that to me." Walking over to John Burkett and the rest of Elsa's
Pride, he whispered his idea to them. Within minutes, the entire group was
viciously attacking paper in an effort to scribble something out. What they
came up with was interesting.
 Because he was having trouble finishing his TLK/Star Trek crossover, he
scrapped the project, creating a TLK-L/Star Trek crossover (go figure)! In
crossover, the TLK-L Team had a special weapon they used to dispatch the
entire Romulan army that threatened to destroy the federation and all its
TLK fans. It was a pretty cool weapon in my opinion, and it didn't take
long to install. (unlike some Windows95 programs I know).
 "To the jet!" And the list filed out towards the special jet. For those
who have never flown on the jet, it is a real marvel indeed. The nagging of
Scarfans in the past made us put a black mane on it. Its got plenty of room
and makes Air Force 1 look like a movie prop. Everyone took turns
cleaning the mane, except the Nalas who said that it was 'A Matter of
Pride'. I
opened up the rear door to let everyone in, when suddenly a dishevled man
in a suit came stumbling towards us.
 "Get off my plane." Harrison Ford growled at me, grabbing my collar. I
 "Get out of my parody." I growled back, giving him a presidential punt
into the tabloids. Our multi-talented list installed Ed Debuse's weapon
quickly. Thanks to Chakal Burkitten, it was the ideal for plug and play.
After a preliminary test, we were off in the air. I couldn't
help but be curious though.
 "What did we just test that on?" I asked. Ryan whistled innocently.
 "Oh, just some Japanese Anime place, Tezuka maybe?" I couldn't help but
pass a grin at this one.
 "Where did you get a naughty idea to toast them like that?" Brian Tiemann
spoke up.
 "Disney asked us to do them a favor for leaving us alone. Something about
covering their tracks..." I snickered and continued to check our progress.
 The target was headed in our direction alright, several hundred miles and
closing. While we were en route, it gave the list time to talk about other
mundane and otherwise useless things. Such as whether Hmm was a word or
not-so-missing lyrics from the TLKoB series. The KIB had time to initiate a
new member, Caji. And I finally had time to MUCK a little more. Warily, I
connected and continued on my path to find the circle of life. And
suddenly, I blinked.
 "Rindimo?? What are you doing on my computer?!"
 "Its my reflection, Simba." He said from behind me.
 "Oh...thanks." A bit nervous, I started in again. No sooner did I type
'connect' then that blasted Daryl popped in again. "ARRGH! Logozo! Would
you PLEASE ban this guy!?"
 "Nice to see you too Simba." Daryl commented icily. "I hope you guys are
planning to do something, we've just discovered that-"
 "Yes, yes, a giant plushie projectile 10 miles wide is headed towards
earth." Daryl looked suprised.
 "How did you know?"
 "Didn't you read the last installation of this parody?"  I chided? Just
then Zabnee poked her head in.
 "If you're sending it, I want a copy too!" I waved and nodded to her.
Daryl just
 "We at Disney don't have time for that, we have a world to run, people to
sue, you know..." I squirmed somewhat at the way he mentioned people to
sue, but held firm anyhow. "Here's the fact of the matter, all authorities
have been alerted to the presence of this thing and the world is in a state
of semi-panic. You have to stop it. There's only a few hours left." I
 "Wait a moment! Stahi just said we had 48 hours a few hours ago!"
 "If you took 48 hours that would make this whole thing a lot longer,
wouldn't it??" I nodded with a sigh. Ed poked his head in.
 "I'm sorry Simba." he said, "You had such potential, but all good parodies
must come to an end." I frowned at him, thinking that he was taking this
TLK-L/Star Trek crossover a bit too seriously. I turned my attention back
to Daryl after fixing my TLK tie (courtesy of Aaron McGavock).
 "Alright, Daryl. We are in the process of getting in position for a shot."
He nodded gravely.
 "Good luck TLK-L team." and was gone from the screen. Just like that,
another good chance at MUCKing was out the window. I heard a sound behind
me and looked to see Pascal peeking in the room.
 "Hey Simba, just wanted to say something again" and he walked off.
 In typical parody form, I am going to weed out the sordid dramatic details
of how we actually got up there, how we actually got the shot and what
actually happened. Well, not so much what actually happened because I feel
you have a right to know.
 The TLK-L team was successful (cheers and applause). Our one shot miracle
was almost as amazing as March Madness has been. The beam contacted the
mass, and began to heat it. Then, in an amazing turn of events, it was
broken up and molten pieces of plush came streaming down on earth. We
watched with our breath in our throats as the hot stuff mostly landed in
the Anarctic area. The resulting steam bath produced enough Ozone to fill a
good portion of the hole, and stop the harmful plushie eating rays.
Although in a strange and somewhat sad turn of events, a small piece got
through the
atmosphere and made contact at a small town in Colorado. Though most people
were okay, the only casualty was some kid named Kenny.
 Although the loss of Kenny was saddening to the team, we knew he'd be back
next week to get killed again. The only other injury came to Rindimo, who
was apparently hit by flying objects for no apparent reason. But, above
all, we were in a state of grand
celebration! We did it! Once again the TLK-L team had come together against
impossible odds to defeat a threat as family. The world was in our debt
this time, and in typical Disney style they paid.
 We all got a special viewing of The Lion King on Broadway, a two week VIP
stay at Disneyworld, and the chance to meet our favorite characters again
at the Disney Character Sanctuary. Not bad for a few days work, I'd say.
Eisner had a party in our honor and Dave Sauve managed to get DJ Berkowitz
to play for us. Ndoto was so happy he even consented to wear his sailor
uniform! The KIB, with Msondo Mwenzi El Meerkat Del Suricatitas at
the front, led the entire list in a synchronized dance number. When I got
tired of 'bouncing with them' I took a moment to walk outside and under the
stars. It was a nice night indeed, one I would remember for a long time.
Just when I started to drift off into my own thoughts, I felt something rub
against my side and purr.
 "Hi Chad." Nala said. I chuckled and gave her a scritch on the head.
 "Sorry, Nala." I sighed, "I'm not Chad." Nala looked embarrassed.
 "Oh, sorry to disturb you then." and she walked off into the darkness. I
sighed again and turned my attention back on the stars. Suddenly, it hit
home what I had just done. How stupid could I be! I whirled around and
started after her quickly.
 "No! No! I was just fooling!" I cried out, "I am Chad! Hey! Nala! I said I
was Chad! Wait up! Aww com'on! Why can't you accept me for what I am?!
Don't make me run after you..."
 I ran anyway.