The Chase

The fear I feel is real enough,
But I am made of tougher stuff.
Trying to escape the fate
Of being on the dinner plate
'Round the bones and 'round the bend
Searching for this strange fear's end.

Where are we going? When will this end? 
My hope lies with my best of friends.
I'm slipping, oh help! I'm going to crash!
Thank goodness, he saved me with a slash!
'Round the bones and round the bend
When will this horrific flight end?

I almost got her, OW that hurt! 
I'm gonna kill that little squirt!
How can a cub with little paws
Possess such sharp and deadly claws?
'Round the bones and 'round the bend
I'm gonna eat him and his friend!

I told her not to let them go. 
Shows what those pompous females know...
She thinks she'll get the lions share
If she gets nothing I won't care
'Round the bones and 'round the bend
Their tender flesh my teeth will rend!

Heh-heh-hehheh Hee hee ho 
Ha-HAAAA hehehe ho ho ho
Teehee-whaa heh ho gah
Rrrrowlf! Hee heehee Ha!
AAAAAAAAAH! Yipyapyowl
Ho ha hee heh heh ho ho GROWL!