I can't believe it... It can't be true... 
Oh Mufasa how could this happen to you?!
You and your son, such a flawless pair
To meet with such a brutal end down there!
Pain on pain upon my heart!
I cannot stop the tears that start.

He was my best friend. 
Inseparable memories will not fade
Just like this pain I can't evade.
The tears, they're streaming down my cheek
I wish we'd had a last chance to speak!
Pain on pain upon my heart!
I must not allow our souls to part.

It is done. 
Sad but true, I am afraid.
But now at least the debt is paid.
By brother's soul can rest in peace
And I the pride I have at least.
Pain on pain upon their hearts!
And now the sad king must be my part.

Hyannic presence overwhelms this weak and weary pride. 
And with me sturdy at the helm I tremble with joy inside.
The truth is buried, and on their sadness let my power ride.
I am the new leader, my actions they will not chide.
No longer will insults fly at me, pernicious, vile and snide.
But what is this? A sudden twinge that vibrates at my side?
It is my heart, pulling, tugging, fighting to put the memories aside...