Isn't she lovely?

    "She is so beautiful." Simba said, his eyes brimming with tears. Nala smiled and beckoned him with a paw to draw near. The king approached, his steps were soft and face filled with pride. Without reproach, he came to her as she drew her paws aside. In the busom of warmth and love he caught the gaze so coy. Nala held her, their little cub with happiness and joy.
    "Kiara." the lioness whispered gently to him in the wind, "Congratulations my dear Simba, the circle begins again." The lion king reclined right there, beside his cub and mate. To see her he could not put off, to hold her could not wait. With paws held wide he welcomed in the precious little life, encircling the cub with purrs for her and his loving wife.
    "Kiara." He repeated, the name hovering on tongue. He licked gently at her fur, where little patches clung. The little cub, she looked at him, with eyes confused and bright. And then her father spoke to her, his tone ever loving and light.

"Of all the things to not give up, you must not yield your laughter.
  Or childhood dreams of perfect living happily ever after.
   Do not forget your painless world, stand firm within and be tall.
    Fight hard to remain a side of self that believes all is equal.
     Remember the gold of autumn leaves since they last such a short while
     And keep your humour as you please in union with your smile.
      Take pleasure in the flying bird and earthworms as they wriggle.
       Deprive not our greying world of light and airy giggles.
       The Rainbow full of color and bright should be a happy calling.
        Enjoy the plain and simple life, let your happiness unfurl.
        And remember through ecstasy or strife, you're always my little girl."

    So Simba spoke, and so was heard by the precious little child. And for his words of wisdom the, king was rewarded with a smile. It raced through his system, its love touched every part. And just to ice the cake a bit, the smile melted Simba's heart. He fell in love that very morn, he knew one thing was true. He'd strive and drive to perform his best, as he knew his own father would do.