Promontory Preparation

Am I but a breath in the wind? 
Or does this life,
Of which I am so fond,
Hurl me toward a bitter end?

Are my marks not seen?? 
As pungent as they may be
those that are observed are passed off, as a dream! 

I can tell something is not right... 
It comes on the breeze,
So impervious to action,
A threat that turns day to night.

I must fight tonight with all my might in spite of the fright that grasps me. 
It begins, I must win or see the end of a friend that guides me from within.

It -- 
is --

Simply that, and no more.   

The pride against the pack in the impending attack, 
Or imperial threat that has not started yet?
Maybe sedition from within,
Ugly as sin
Vile and pernicious insult with which I contend!

It is on. 
Aiheu hear what I sing!
Protect from these evils this lone Lion King.

Bring it on. 
Minshasa, take my fear!
Steady my legs as my foes draw near.

This -- 
is --

'Gainst brutality, apathy, and indifference 
Grant me this victory and heal my confidence!