Pride Rock, a reflection.
    Some watched in tears, others swelled with pride, and there were those
select few who were lifted as I was. What was the moment? Watching?
no...Listening? no...*feeling* the emotions invoked when Simba began his
ascent of Pride Rock. The music had died down to a droll rumble without my
knowledge, and we all sat watching as he greeted the lionesses and gave an
affectionate nuzzle to Nala. A rattle, a direction...then the words of the
wise shaman:
"It is time."
    Then he was off, stepping to the base of The Rock. As the lookers on
marveled the music swelled to emotional proportions. Every step taken
forward is with pride and power, every step away from the past and towards
an uncertain future. Stepping lightly, carefully, yet lithely onward to a
long foreseen destiny, his majestic head rises. He looks to the sky where a
part forms, revealing the stars; a sign of grace from the great kings, and
his greatest loss...
It only takes a moment, it only takes a second, but things change visibly
and emotionally. The last spoken word echoes through the sky:
Then, with pride and triumph, Simba roared to the sky. . .
    We all have days when we feel a bit down, a bit less than we could or
should be. It seems as if life has thrown us a lemon too big to be ignored
and too sour to make lemonade. It is when I hit this emotional low that I
turn my attention to what I fondly refer to as 'The Rock'.
    Not to be confused with some movie, Pride Rock is a symbol to me. It is the
ultimate symbol of self-actualization, the ultimate goal to be achieved,
the ultimate win, and the ultimate happiness. It is a point in life when
you are above all, and can look down and see how far you've risen, perhaps
how hard or easy your ascent has been, or perhaps just to reflect. Then,
glancing up through the rain, you can see that challenges lie ahead,
troubles may befall you, and danger may lurk about every corner. But
through the dark and bleak sheets of water a hole forms, giving a glimpse
of the greatness that is still left to achieve.
    This is the greatest consolation of all: Remember!. Never before has so
much power and meaning been put behind this single word!
Remember . . . that there are those who have gone before you.
Remember . . . that there are always those worse off than you.
And most importantly...
Remember . . . who you are.
    What good is the ultimate victory, if you lose your sense of purpose and
self in its wake?
    Many have climbed their private 'rocks' at points in their lives. Many will
never go any farther than the first few steps. I can see myself well on The
Rock now...
Sometimes taking three steps forward, at others, jumping back once or
twice. The rain gets harder, the path more slippery, but I tread on,
pushing against whatever force that comes my way, rolling with the winds.
    Why do I persevere in the face of such adversity? Because I have seen the
ultimate end, I see what *can* be. And I know that it lies within each and
every one of us to make it there with what we are given. I look forward,
and day I'm going to reach the top of that rock, and I'll see
over all that has passed me and all that is left to be. In that fine, sweet
moment, I can only pause for three things.