I'm going to make a special exception and comment on the TLK-L team stories.

The TLK-L, for those that do not know, was one of the first major forums where TLK fans could discuss, talk and in general, get to know each other.  When an 'oldie' starts to reminisce about 'the good ol' days of TLK fandom', this list is quite possibly what they were talking about.  In the beginning, there were a small number of us...all hardcore fans.  And the list grew and expanded, eventually helping spawn the TLK fandom as it is today.

The TLK-L team was a satire/parody of things that happened on the list.  I wrote them infrequently, but when they were written they normally came in several parts, each part coming out over the duration of a week.  When being posted, they were extremely popular because they were stories for the list, about the list.  So if they seem a little disjointed, non-sensical, and in general chaotic, then you're just beginning to understand what the 'good ol' days' felt like ;)

And if something isn't funny, then realize that you had to be there to get a lot of these jokes.  Some were so subtle that I still haven't heard anyone claim them.  At any rate, I wanted to say this one warning because they are unlike the other stories that were posted here.