The Lion Marches On

The sun rises in the east. 
Another day for all of Beasts,
And for a moment there is peace,
As he looks upon the dawn.

Many deaths this day will make. 
Many lives the world will take.
And many troubles replicate
But the lion marches on.

  The sun, setting in the west, 
Another day to give his best
And now has come the time to rest,
So long since the dawn.

Behind him is the day long fight. 
He welcomes in the coming night's
With eyes upon the moon so bright,
The lion marches on.

  There are those times that come in life, 
Where all we feel is pain and strife
That slices like a red hot knife,
When all our hope is gone.

In those hard times look to the east 
And think about the king of beasts
Who nary has a moment's peace
And you too can march on.