Two sides, one answer

Can you feel the love tonight? 
Hrmph, there's nothing left to feel.
This dark, drab and dreary world I live in will never let me heal.
The agonies I have inflicted, the pain I must endure
And the incessant, unceasing whining of that little voice unsure.
I've sent my brother to the stars, to paradise! 
That lout...
And I must live along with scars no one knows about.
I rule a pride of willful lionesses, their souls will never bend.
What say you now, Mufasa? 
What lies beyond the end?

Can you feel the love tonight? 
Ha! There's no feeling left but pain.
The agony of father's death torments my heart again.
Those two can't know my shame, I fight to keep it inside.
And in the process kill my dignity my stature and my pride.
How can I say "I killed my dad" expecting them to stay,
It doesn't matter, nothing would change. It's my fault anyway.
You promised you'd be there, whenever I needed you!
But after years I know it's a lie, and all my fault too.

Two sides come up... 
I feel them both from front and from behind.
Twin agonies that have carved the melon to the rind.
My soul will not rest in peace until all wrong is right,
and so I invoke my power to call for endless night.
Let stars prevail, let darkness reign 
and Earth will keep the rhyme.
Let all the kings of the past proclaim, 
the news that it is time.