This section gives visitors another look at Siombe. A visual look! I hope that through time more pictures of Siombe can be showcased here by more artists.

All links will open a new browser. For ease, leave the second browser open in order to see each new image.

Description Artist Size
Cub Siombe with a fairly blank look. Myra Weber 65K
Siombe looks up in shock during a particularly intense dream sequence. Myra Weber 54K
Backing up fearfully, Siombe is in shock at the sudden appearance of his father. Myra Weber 63K
The face of a powerful king. Myra Weber 94K
Standing firm in the face of an oncoming hyena pack. Myra Weber  215K
Siombe watches cubs playing at the lake with an amused look. Myra Weber 99K
Siombe is very upset with his son for disobeying him. Myra Weber 115K
A younger Siombe, giving you a playful wink. Myra Weber 125K
A more recent picture of Siombe, older but still smiling. Myra Weber 30K
Siombe, standing on the Celestial Circle proudly. Unicorn  111K

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