Copyright Page

First of all I'd like to thank anyone who visits my page and leaves thinking something along the lines of "Wow. What a neat page. It's not clogged with cluttery images or done horribly." :) I try to set a standard of decency when making a web page. First off, I believe that no more than 2 frames are neccesary. Only a few animated gifs and no sounds that play whether you want them to or not.

Allthough I know this standard is probably not original, to me it is because all I ever see are poorly done webpages hacked together by people who know nothing about html (or simple layout :). Geocities and AOL are haunted with Adobe Pagemill users, Microsoft Frontpage; all programs which make people think they can make a webpage. I stick my heart into anything I make, and craft my web pages off a very simplistic text editor called Arachnophilia. HTML is learned, not spawned off a program that babies you through it.

Now for the real copyright stuff:

  1. This page and all work, programming, images herein are copyrighted to the owner with a few exceptions where duely noted.
  2. All images/screengrabs were created by myself solely for this page and none may be re-used, re-posted, modified or used in any other way without explicit permission from me.
  3. Any person found using these images without asking permission will be asked once to remove them. Their website administrator will be contacted and informed of the infringing violation if the images are not removed.
  4. Any fanart is copyrighted to it's respective owner and may not be re-used, posted, modified or used in any other way unless given explicit consent from it's owner.

With that out of the way, enjoy the show. :)
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