As soon as it is finished, this will be one of two homes of Taabani's life story, I Want To See The Moon--Taabani's Legacy, which will explain the life so far of Teebs, my spirit guide, and the many friends, loves, and numerous other things he has encountered.

I am also taking contributions in this section, too. Send away, and I'll proofread it, and, with any luck, post it! I always look forward to reading new fiction, and I'd love to read yours! Sorry there's not much here yet *cough*NOTHING*cough*.... Soon to change, when I get some time. Enjoy!

     I couldn't hold myself back anymore. I loved her now, after this little amount of time, and I had to let her know. I leaned forward slowly, and licked her muzzle gently, tenderly. She purred softly, and nuzzled me. I smiled to her, speaking only with my eyes. Speaking passion and care. Speaking pure love, unclouded and certain.

     That night she fell asleep in my paws, cuddled up close, for sure not wanting to ever let go. And I wish she never had.

--Exerpt from Taabani's Legacy