The three hyenas lay on a big rock. Shenzi lay in the middle, her eyes were shut and her breath went slow and deep. Next to her, Banzai groaned: "Oh, Shenzi, I'm so hungry, I could eat a whole wildebeest all by myself - no, a whole elephant!" "Oh Banzai, stop talking about food! It makes me sick!" "Anyway. There's nothing in you, what you could throw up." "SHUT up, Banzai." He was quiet for a while. Then he continued "I could eat a - " "Banzai, will you shut your damn trap?!" "What will you do against it? Hurting me? I bet you haven't even enough energy to stand up and walk to that geyser over there." Shenzi gave him a furious look, but she didn't reply anything. This wasn't worth to waste energy on. She tried to sleep, while Banzai continued with his remarks. Shenzi felt really sick, the long time of starvation had worn her body down. Her rips were viewable very well through the, now pretty entangled, chest and belly fur. Her stomach felt like one big hole, a bottomless pit. She went on trying to sleep. She couldn't. The pain in her stomach was too much for her. She stopped thinking about it, but that didn't help. The pain was still there and it drove her mad. She needed an outlet. "Banzai STOP TALK-" Suddenly a shadow darkened their faces. All three looked up, synchronous. And in the next second they stood on their paws, growling. "What do you want here, lion?!" Shenzi barked, spitting the last word out. She watched the intruder with abhorrence. The lion grinned broadly, a lot broader when in the next moment Ed and Banzai beside her collapsed. " you want?!" Shenzi hissed. She felt her legs shivering, they would give way every second. She struggled a moment, but she couldn't match the result of the long time of starvation. "Go away." she said, flatly. "Why should you kill us? We'll die anyway." The lion hadn't stopped grinning. "Well, you don't seem to have eaten well in days." "Very funny." "And so I thought: 'why don't take this" he grasped behind himself and when his paw appeared again there was a huge piece of meat in it. Shenzi's eyes rounded. "Banzai! Ed! I have got halucinations - is this really a piece of meat this lion has got in his paw?" her voice sounded weakly, she almost seemed to faint. Banzai and Ed could only nod. The lion waved his paw and so the flesh slowly. The hyena's heads followed his motions as though he had hypnotized them. He smiled and let the hunch fall. The hyenas started eating at once. They didn't need a lot of time for it, in minutes it was all gone. "Pity, I could have eaten more." Banzai said. "Oh, and thanks, lion." Banzai dared a quick smile to their patron. Shenzi cleaned her muzzle, which was still smeared with blood. She felt too weak to stand up, but she lifted her head and said "And what was that for? Normally you lions steal our prey, not give their own to us." "I have a deal for you." the lion answered. "You are the leader here, aren't you?" Shenzi nodded "And?" "Well, my dear hyena, I'll need a little help in the future days, and then I thought of you...the strongest hunter in Serengeti - just behind us lions. So, and now you can decide, either you get more of what you've tasted a few minutes ago and do me a few little favours from time to time or you remain hungry in this cave until you die by starvation."
"Oh, and what kind of 'favour' did you think of? I mean, in this condition we'll not be able to do a lot for you, see?" she grinned "I guess we need a bit more of your...fees." The lion gave her a disdainful look. "I know. I'll come back another day to hear your decision." he stood up and started to walk away. "Wait! Lion! What's your name?" Shenzi asked. The lion turned around. "Call me Scar." with this words, he disappeared. 
"What shall I do now?" Shenzi wondered. "What do you think, guys?" she asked. "Shenzi, what are we waiting for? We've got nothing to lose! Why are you thinking 'bout it?" "Ed? What's your opinion?" Ed shook his head wildly, whining. "He's against it." Shenzi sighed. "I don't want to be dependent on a lion but...I don't want my clan to die by hunger either. I don't wanna have to obey a LION, but I don't want to suffer for the rest of my days..." "Shenzi, don't think. What's so wrong with that? He has a few li'l jobs for us, we do them and we're done and out of the affair." "Banzai we don't even know WHAT kind of jobs he wants us to do. And we don't know whether he's worth to trust. Don't you remember our mothers? >Never trust a lion<" "We don't need to trust him. He has to trust us. I mean - what about if we don't do the work?" "That's right. But I'm still not sure.  Please, boys, leave me alone for a while. I've got to think." Banzai and Ed nodded silently and stood up. The legs shivered a little, but they managed to go out of their sleeping cave. "What shall I do?" Shenzi wondered again. "Mommy hated lions. And when I agree with this deal, it's like a betrayal isn't it? But I don't bear this incredible pain any more. Oh no, I'm so weak. Mommy would never do this." she lowered her head, almost crying. "Sorry, Mommy, I gotta do it. I have to do it for our clan. Otherwise we won't be able to survive! You understand me, don't you?" She sighed. Banzai was right. They had nothing to lose. "Hey, boys!" she yelled. They came in again. "So what?" "We'll take Scar's offer!" 

And Scar came back. And he took something to eat with him. Soon, the hyenas became stronger again. 
"Wow, I could get used to this life." Banzai said to his friends. "No hunting, no risk, no standing up." he chuckled "Just sitting or lying here until Scar brings the food." Ed nodded in agreement. Shenzi stretched. "You're right, it's really nice of this lion, after all, he's a LION, and we owe him to do this job he's got for us quiet well, don't we?" "Hum, yes. But not yet. I'm too tired to stand up." Banzai yawned and roled on the other side. His stomach was rounded because of their last meal. Scar had managed to bring a whole little antelope along! Well, it had been a very small antelope, a Thompson gazelle, but for only three hyenas that was a lot of food. Shenzi felt stuffed, she could understand Banzai very well. But Scar would come every moment, and she didn't want to make the impress that she did nothing all the day. Which actually was the case.
"Hello." Scar appeared on a rock above them. Shenzi hated it. Felines were so silent, that not even a very good hyena's ear could hear them. "Hello." she greeted back. "We don't need any food in the moment. You see - we are still satisfied by this gazelle." "I don't come to feed you, hyena. I come with a job." "Oh. And what is it now?" "You maybe heard about Queen Sarabi's pregnancy?" the lion asked in a tone, that revealed that he was pretty sure that they did not. Shenzi shook her head. "No, there weren't a lot of news from the Pride Lands in the last...moons." Scar didn't go into it. "Well, tomorrow she will go for a hunt with the pride. Her last one, after this she will stay on Pride Rock and wait for her delivery. I want you to attack her, so that she loses her unborn child. But don't kill her!" "What? But we can't do such a thing! King Mufasa will never allow us to return to the Pride Lands when we attack his wife!" Scar looked pitying on the hyena. "You still believe my brother will ever let you back into his kingdom? You're even more stupid than I thought." "I didn't actually think so, I just hoped..." Scar shook slightly his head. "And what assures us, that we will not be hurt or disturbed by the other lionesses? I mean, how many are they? 5? 10? And we are three! We maybe manage one lioness, but two are a real problem, let alone 5!" "Let this to me. I promise you'll be totally alone with Sarabi, and when you are not too daft you'll not even get a scratch." "Why should we trust you? That could be a trap!" "Would I have fed you up like this to get you killed? That would be a little too much effort, wouldn't it?" Shenzi admitted it. "Well, that sounds quiet easy. But why do you want her to lose the cubs?" "Don't ask. Just do the job!" Scar said harshly. "I see you tomorrow, I'll show you the place where you wait for Sarabi." He vanished.

The hyenas sat hid behind a thorny bush near the river. The wind came from the front, so that they could smell the lionesses very well by not being smelled themselves. "Gee...I don't feel well by doing this." said Banzai with a helpless expression. "Why? Do you care about this lions?" Shenzi asked. "'s just...this bush. It doesn't look very comfortable to me...all this thorns..." Shenzi sighed. "Oh yeah, that's a really problem." she said sarcastically. Banzai gave her a remorseful look, but he remained silent. Ed laughed at him. "Hush! I can smell the lionesses! They're coming closer! Don't make a sound!" Shenzi's body straightened, every muscle was strained. She could feel Banzai fidgeting beside her. There she was. Sarabi's dark golden fur almost fused with the likewise golden grass of the savanna. Although she was obviously pregnant, her motions were full of pride and dignety. She slid through the grass towards the lurking hyenas. Suddenly she stopped and occupied her position for the hunt. She was only a few leaps away from the thornbush. With a very slightly nodding, Shenzi gave the signal to go. Banzai and Ed ran in full speed to the fearful lioness. Banzai reached her first and hit her with the strong force of his speed. He just ran against her. Ed growled and snapped Sarabi's tail. Shenzi gave the lioness a so hard push, that she fell on the ground, roaring in pain. Shenzi grinned. "That's for the bannishment!" she whispered and kicked her right into the stomach. Banzai jumped with his complete weight on her. "Please, have mercy. I'm pregnant, don't you see?" Sarabi sobbed. Shenzi wanted to reply something, when she heard a dark roar from behind. She and her companions turned around. Mufasa came, running very fast and anger blazing in his eyes. Shenzi, Banzai and Ed swallowed, synchronous. Without a word, the three vanished in a top speed that could have challanged a cheetah.

Still out of breath the trio reached their cave. "Phew! Man, I got scared when I saw that cat. Didn't Scar say he wanted to care about our safety?" Banzai panted, still out of breath. Shenzi growled. "Yes, that's what he said." Ed whined fearfully. "Shh, Eddy, everything's alright now." She kissed him on the cheek. "Don't cry." Ed stopped whining, but still looked scared. "I hope we could hurt this lion enough to carry out the job." Banzai sat down, caressing Ed to console him. "I don't know. I never made anyone lose one's cub." Shenzi sat down, too. "We will see." she began to clean herself. Her fur was full of dirt and dust. "That was really dangerous, Shenzi. Imagine if we hadn't seen him coming! He would have ripped us apart! How can you be so calm?!" "Did anything happen to you? Do you have the slightest injury?" "No, but..." "Then stop complaining!" Shenzi reacted a little harsher than she had meant to. She was so stirred up herself, it had been so close to death. She knew, Mufasa would hate them, when he knew who attacked his wife. She hoped he wouldn't remember them. She hoped Sarabi wouldn't remember them. "Hey, hyenas!" Shenzi turned her head. "Why did the Lion King come?!" she shouted "He could have killed us! Didn't you tell me you'd take care of our safety?!" Scar sat once again on a rock above them.He waved his paw in a removing way. "I promised I'd take care of the lionesses, I didn't say anything about my brother." "But he could have killed us!" "And are you? No. And I held him back long enough that you had time to do the job, din't I?" "Yes." Shenzi admitted, teeth-gnashing. "And did we succeed?" asked Banzai. "Well, you didn't kill her...but she still has her cub. Who knows, maybe it's going to be a deformed cub or a dead cub." "Hey, Scar, why do you actually want her cub to die?" "That's none of your bussiness, hyena." "But...when we shall kill this young life, I'd like to know why." Banzai wasn't sure whether it was a very good idea to argue with Scar, but the time under Shenzi's protection had enabled him to do almost whatever he wanted. She even allowed him to contradict and argue with her, which was a very high privilege, not only for a male. Scar's face showed growing upsetness. "I told you it's none of your bussiness. I'll tell you early enough when the time has come." Banzai was uncontent with this reply, but he didn't ask once more. Shenzi tried to bridge the silence. "Anything else?" Scar nodded. "What do you think I was coming for? I wanted to tell you that I won't feed you any longer like I did. It's hard for me to bring enough food to satisfy your unsatiable appitite with me so often. I'll take something from time to time, but the regular feeding is over."
Disappointment grew on the hyena's faces. "But...why?" Banzai asked. "He just said it, idiot." whispered Shenzi. "But you want us to remain strong, don't you? How shall that work without food?" Banzai continued. Scar smiled "Oh, it wouldn't harm you not to eat for a while. Besides, I know that you aren't scavengers, you are able to bring down your own food, if you really want to." "That's true, yeah." in Shenzi's voice swung pride. Her hunting skills were one of her most prized abilities. "Then you don't have anything to complain about, have you? And now I have to go, mourning for Sarabi's cub." Without making a sound he got gulped by the darkness.