The Simba's Pride Picture Archive
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Scene 1 Opening Song He Lives in You
Scene 2 Princess Kiara
Scene 3 Timon and Pumbaa Babysitters
Scene 4 Kiara Meets Kovu
Scene 5 Simba and Zira
Scene 6 We Are One
Scene 7 The Outlanders
Scene 8 My Lullaby
Scene 9 Rafiki's Resolve
Scene 10 Kovu's Teaching
Scene 11 Kiara's First Hunt
Scene 12 Timon and Pumbaa Spying Kiara
Scene 13 Fire in the Pridelands
Scene 14 Simba's Dilemma + Nightmare
Scene 15 Kiara's lesson + Rhinos
Scene 16-17 Stars + Upendi
Scene 18 Ambush
Scene 19 One of Us
Scene 20 Kiara Despairs
Scene 21 Love will find a way
Scene 22 Timon and Pumbaa Failed Babysitters
Scene 23 The Fight
Scene 24 Zira's revenge
Scene 25 The Pride
    Finally done ! yeahhhh ... :>


You can use those pics for your web page or anything you wish, The pics are here for that. 

But It took me some long weeks to capture/edit those pics, so feel free to add a line with credits and a link to my page , I won't mind ;)

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