Timon Fans International-


"Having a Timon Fan around might not be such a bad idea after all."

Timon on the go, to meet more Timonaholics! :) Get to know others who like Timon! The Internet has the power to bring people and information together, so why not take advantage of that power and meet other Timon fans?

So get off your rump, reach out, and paw someone! If you are achin' for some chattin', or perhaps just a simple e-mail conversation: try it out. Just locate the person and see where things can go from there.

Each person comes from different backgrounds and different lifestyles, though they share common ground as one who likes Timon. Be nice, and remember Hakuna Matata.


This is a simple listing of various Timon fans and methods in which to reach them. Included with each is a small profile and an optional picture.  If you are a fan and you would like to be listed, contact: timon@meerkat.org.



Msondo RL / IC

This crazy Texan kat is the founder of this site and spends his time online making web sites, reading the TLK-L, or relaxing on a MUCK, or perhaps even studying with a friend.

Among other things, he likes animals, music, video games, snapping photos, and traveling.

E-Mail: timon@meerkat.org WWW: This Site!
Status: Helpless Timonaholic ICQ: 4052391 iChat: Msondo
PowWow: Msondo (same e-mail) Net Meeting: Msondo
Age: 19 human, 2 meerkat Location: Texas



Kimya RL Kimya IC

Crazy Timonaholic who loves to draw, specially MUCK and TLK art, and likes to Roleplay on the mucks and chat with her friends about TLK, videogames or just anything! :)

She's just about finished with her Computer Science degree, and loves to sing and dance.

E-Mail: kimya@meerkat.org WWW: This Site! & Kimya's Nursery
Status: Helpless Timonaholic ICQ: 5374208 iChat: Kimya
PowWow: Kimya (same e-mail) Net Meeting: Kimya
Age: 22 human Location: Spain


Jessie (Zuri Wahuni Fumbo)-


Hakuna Matata! The name's Jessie! Pleased to meet you! I'm a TLK (mostly Timon) merchandise addict. I have nearly everything! I love to draw and I love my mate Mageuzi. I enjoy doing a lot of things like shopping, writing letters (I enjoy getting and sending mail), and, of course, drawing! There's so much more! And yet too much to mention....

E-Mail: jessemeerkat@rocketmail.com WWW: Jessie's Burrow
Status: Timon merchandise and Mageuzi addict! ICQ: 7731839 iChat: Jessiekat
PowWow: Jessie (same e-mail) Net Meeting: n/a
Age: 2 meerkat Location: Pridelands (Kansas City, Missouri)


Mageuzi Nyota-


A meerkat who, although not the most outgoing, tries to be as
friendly and as helpful as possible.  He loves computers and, of course, Timon,
but also loves his mate, Jessie.  He considers himself a furry, too.

E-Mail: timon@net1plus.com WWW: Mageuzi's Bit of TLK
Status: Parody God ICQ: 2768233 iChat: Mageuzi
PowWow: Mageuzi (same e-mail) Net Meeting: Mageuzi
Age: 2 meerkat Location: USA


Micki Moran (Caji)-

I'm the resident kat in Cleveland where I spend my time mountain climbing, animation, or floating around the TLK-L :)

E-Mail: caji_@webtv.net WWW: n/a
Status: TLK-L ICQ: n/a