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Every good meerkat has a guest book, but the best has to have the best. In order to have the best guest book, Timon needs your help! Please sign his guest book. Tell him what you think about his page, or leave a message for the creators. Say what you wanna say, just be nice. And remember, many childeren will frequent this site so sorta watch what you say. Nothing too raunch or profane, or we will have to delete your entry.

Now we also have a message board as well!!  See below for details!

Simple? Yup, a pure Hakuna Matata Guest Book! Just follow the links below and you'll be immortalized in Timon history forever!

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Message Board:

Please check out our message board too! We have started this message board to discuss anything and everything about Timon. This includes meerkats, Nathan Lane, the Lion King, the TV show, the Lion King on Broadway, Timonish music, and anything else you can think of! Feel free to post whatever you want, as long as it has something to do with Timon.  Oh, and please be nice about your posts. Any profane posts will be deleted!

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