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October 1999 - Hey guys! Here is an important message from Msondo regarding this site, please read!

Kimya and I started this site in the early part of 1997. (I actually had a Timon site as early as 1995 though but it wasn't this big!) We each had the vision to create the most extensive site dedicated to the coolest meerkat in the world, Timon. Anyway, we apologize for the fact that maybe we have been a bit too "Hakuna Matata" with the site, but I guess that is just our nature. :) We have both been really busy with our school and work as well as our crazy relationship together. =)

But now we have reached both a creative and open point in our lives and we will now work to try to finish this site! We do not have too much more to do, and I don't think it will be very long. We appreciate all of you who have made up the 30 thousand visitors here and we hope you all like what we do with the site.

But that isn't even the big news! Nope, as soon as we finish the site we will begin creating a new look for the site as well as updating everything into a better format. I created this design a couple of years ago when I was kind of naive about making good looking designs so I apologize if the site looks a bit ugly. I've learned many things since then and when we finally finish this site I will put my best paw forward and work to create my best design yet!

That might not happen for a few months (maybe a few centuries!) but anyway that is what we have planned. We will have the rest of this done for you guys soon enough though so bare with us. :) Currently I am living in the United States with my family but I hope to be back in Europe by Y2K.

As for now, please enjoy the following sections we have online: General Info, Nathan Lane, TV Show (really big! thanks to Kimya!), Meerkats, Fans, Sound, News, Guests, and the Creators sections. Kimya is currently working on putting all the episodes we have on tape online. Together we have ever episode from series 1 & 2 and about one-third of the episodes from the new series.

Speaking of which! Turn your dial to the Disney Channel! If you live in the USA you can now see the new series! This puts Timon and Pumbaa ahead of Aladdin as the Disney cartoon series with the most episodes. If you have not seen the new movie, then watch that as well. ABC aired it a few weeks ago.

Hmm.. oh, and if you are a fan of TLK / Furry / Timon art, do check out Kimya's page! You can reach it at: She has a great collection of various pictures she has drawn, geez she has a lot of talent huh? :> See for yourself!  It's a really cool site! :>

I would also like to thank Kimya for translating the web site to Spanish!  Muchisimas gracias tesoro, eres la leche. ;) We hope that we have attracted a few visitors from the Spanish speaking world. Speaking of that, the two of us are almost finished with another project, a MUCK totally in Spanish. :) The main characters will be meerkats!

I am going to browse the guest book and take addresses out to create a small mailing list for fans of Timon. Whenever we update this site I will drop you guys a line. =)

Well that is it for now, remember you can email us with any questions. =) Hakuna Matata!!!


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