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Nathan Lane

Nathan Lane is the voice behind Timon the meerkat in Disney's The Lion King. However, that does not at all sum up his career. He is a living Broadway legend, and has appeared on various Hollywood movies.


Nathan Lane was born Joseph Lane on February 3, 1956 in Jersey City. His father was Daniel Lane, who was a truck driver and aspiring singer (tenor), died of alcoholism when Nathan was only 11. Nathan was the youngest of two other brothers, Dan and Bobby, whom which started him in his acting career. Dan got him his first ever part in "Who'll save the Ploughboy?" at Jersey City State College. When he was in the 6th grade, Nathan landed a role in "Around the World in 80 Days" where he received his first stage laugh, and fell in love with acting. He went to school at St. Peter's Prep in Jersey City, where he graduated in 1974. After graduation, he won a scholarship to St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia. The scholarship was not enough so he returned back to Jersey City and took a job at the county clerks office. About two months later, Nathan landed another job at the Halfpenny Playhouse in East Orange, NJ. Nathan held other jobs, including a singing messenger and stand-up comedy.

When Nathan was 22, he changed his name from Joseph to Nathan. This was so he could join the Actors Guild, since the name Joseph Lane was already taken, he had to choose another. Nathan was picked since his favorite character was Nathan Detroit from the Broadway classic, "Guys and Dolls." Throughout his life, Nathan had struggled with alcoholism, (can you imagine a drunk Timon?) but his efforts to stay sober began in 1993. Through the 1980's, he worked up his profile with various plays, and has won several Tony Awards. Probably his best work (ok this is very biased) was in 1994 when he voiced Timon in the hit Disney movie, The Lion King. Nathan has also appeared on several television shows, albums, movies, and was rated by Entertainment Magazine as the 48th funniest comedian today (he deserves a better rating than that!).

Nathan Lane is currently a Hollywood, TV, and Broadway star. He is very busy with his career that seems to grow at exponential proportions.


Nathan Lane Video Archive:

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More Information:

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