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I am quite a fan of songs translated into different languages. I have often heard people complain about the supposed poor quality of song translation (or translation generally) in films. This, amongst other things, encouraged me to give it a try myself. On the bottom of this page you will find some songs which I have spent my spare time translating into German. I’m telling you, it’s not easy. Having gained a little experience at it, I can now tell how difficult it is, and I personally believe that the professional translators are doing an absolutely terrific job at it. For those languages I understand, I marvel at how they get the same overall meaning into lyrics which still fit the melody and rhyme scheme perfectly.

This list isn’t yet complete; I actually have more lyrics than just these, I just have to format them properly. Nevertheless, I would be more than happy for any contribution or correction of any mistakes. If you happen to have any lyrics of any songs which exists in several languages, or you have translated a song yourself, please let me know and I’ll put it up.

I am a great fan of Walt Disney’s The Lion King and Mulan, and I quite like Disney in general. I do not consider myself silly or childish for this though. Most of their films are designed in a way to suit people of all ages. Also, most film music unfortunately doesn’t get translated; Walt Disney is quite an exception to the rule.


Walt Disney: The Lion King
Walt Disney: The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride
Walt Disney: Mulan
Walt Disney: Tarzan
Other Disney

Walt Disney: The Lion King

Circle of Life

En Verden af Liv (Danish)
De Kringloop van ’t Leven (Dutch)
Circle of Life (English)
L’Histoire de la Vie (French-France)
Der Ewige Kreis (German)
Az Élet az Úr (Hungarian)
Una Giostra Che Va (Italian)
El Ciclo Sin Fin (Spanish-Mexico)
El Ciclo Sin Fin (Spanish-Spain)

I Just Can’t Wait to be King

Jeg Blir Meget Snart Majestat (Danish)
Wacht maar af totdat ik Koning ben (Dutch)
I Just Can’t Wait to be King (English)
Je Voudrais Déjà Être Roi (French-France)
Ich Will Jetzt Gleich König Sein (German)
A Trón Úgy Csábít, Nagyon Hív (Hungarian)
Voglio Diventar Presto Un Re (Italian)
Yo Quisiera ya Ser un Rey (Spanish-Mexico)
Yo Voy a Ser Rey León (Spanish-Spain)

Be Prepared

Gør jer Klar (Danish)
Sta Paraat (Dutch)
Be Prepared (English)
Soyez Prêtes (French-France)
Seid Bereit (German)
Készülj Hát (Hungarian)
Sarò Re (Italian)
Listos Ya (Spanish-Mexico)
Preparaos (Spanish-Spain)

Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata (Danish)
Hakuna Matata (Dutch)
Hakuna Matata (English)
Hakuna Matata (French-France)
Hakuna Matata (German)
Hakuna Matata (Hungarian)
Hakuna Matata (Italian)
Hakuna Matata (Spanish-Mexico)
Hakuna Matata (Spanish-Spain)

Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Føl Hvordan dit Liv Blir Fyldt (Danish)
’s Avonds Bloeit de Liefde op (Dutch)
Can You Feel the Love Tonight (English)
L’amour Brille sous les Étoiles (French-France)
Kann es wirklich Liebe sein (German)
Érzed Már a Szív Szavát (Hungarian)
Esta Noche es Para Amar (Spanish-Mexico)
Es La Noche Del Amor (Spanish-Spain)

Walt Disney: The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride

He Lives in You

Han Er i Dig (Danish)
He Lives in You (English)
Il Vit en Toi (French-France)
Er Lebt in Dir (German)
Él Vive en Ti (Spanish-Mexico)
Él Vive en Ti (Spanish-Spain)

We Are One

Du og jeg (Danish)
We are One (English)
Nous sommes un (French-France)
Wir sind eins (German)
Nuestra Unión (Spanish-Mexico)
Somos Clan (Spanish-Spain)

Walt Disney: Mulan

Honor To Us All

Honor To Us All (English)
Pour Notre Honneur à Tous (French-Canada)
Honneur à Tous (French-France)
Ehre für das Haus (German)


Reflection (English)
Reflet (French-Canada)
Réflexion (French-France)
Spiegelbild (German)
Reflejo (Spanish-Mexico)

I’ll Make a Man Out of You

I’ll Make a Man Out of You (English)
Je Ferai de Vous des Hommes (French-Canada)
Je Saurais Faire de Vrais Hommes de Vous (French-France)
Jeder Wird Hier zum Mann (German)

Girl Worth Fighting For

Girl Worth Fighting For (English)
La Fille de nos Rêves (French-Canada)
Une Belle Fille à Aimer (French-France)
Eine Frau, für die ein Kampf sich Lohnt (German)

Walt Disney: Tarzan

Two Worlds

Two Worlds (English)
Deux Mondes (French)
Zwei Welten (German)

You’ll Be in My Heart

You’ll Be in My Heart (English)
Toujours Dans Mon Coeur (French)
Dir Gehört Mein Herz (German)

Son of Man

Son of Man (English)
Enfant de l’Homme (French)
So ein Mann (German)

Strangers Like me

Strangers Like Me (English)
Je veux Savoir (French)
Fremde wie Ich (German)

Other Disney

Beauty and the Beast: Tale as Old as Time

Tale as Old as Time (cover by Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson) (English)
Märchen alt wie Stein (cover by Jana Werner & Peter Hofmann) (German)


Limahl: Neverending Story

Neverending Story (Original) (English)
Lõputa lugu (Translation by Kalle "Folker" Nurk) (Estonian)
L’histoire sans Fin (Official Translation) (French1)
L’histoire qui ne s’Arrête Jamais (Translation by Timwi) (French2)
Die Unendliche Geschichte (Translation by Timwi) (German)
Бесконечная история (Translation by Cheburashka) (Russian)

Nicole Flieg: A Little Peace

A Little Peace (Nicole Flieg) (English)
Et Oleks Rahu (H. Karmo & Kalle "Folker" Nurk) (Estonian)
Ein bisschen Frieden (Original) (German)

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