How to type accented characters, Cyrillic, etc. in Windows XP


Step 1

Open the Control Panel from the Start Menu.


Step 2

If your Control Panel is not set to Category View, go to step 4.

If your Control Panel is set to Category View, select the "Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options" Category as shown on the left.


Step 3

Choose "Regional and Language Options", then move on to step 5.


Step 4

If your Control Panel is not set to Category View, choose "Regional and Language Options" as shown on the left.


Step 5

Click the "Languages" tab near the top of the dialog window.


Step 6

If you wish to use complex scripts, right-to-left languages, or Thai, select the first of the two options at the bottom.

If you wish to use East Asian languages, select the second option at the bottom.

Then click the Details button in the top part of the dialog.


Step 7

Click the "Add" button to add keyboard layouts or IMEs.

After you have finished this tutorial, you may also wish to go back to this dialog and click the "Language Bar" and/or "Key Settings" buttons to tweak certain options to your preference.


Step 8

Notice: The appearance of this dialog may vary on your computer.

If you wish to type in a particular language, choose this language as both the "Input language" and the "Keyboard Layout". For example, for Cyrillic letters, choose "Russian". This site has a picture showing the Russian keyboard layout.

If you simply wish to type accentuated characters from many European languages, choose "English (United States)" for the Input language and "United States - International" as the keyboard layout. This keyboard layout is described here.



After you have acknowledged all the dialogs with "OK" (and, if necessary, restarted your computer), you will be able to type special characters.

If you now have several input languages or keyboard layouts installed, you can switch between them by pressing the left Alt key and Shift. (You can change this by clicking "Key Settings" in the dialog shown in Step 7 above.) A little blue square in the Input Language Bar shows what language you have currently selected.