How to type accented characters, Cyrillic, etc. in Windows 2000 Professional


Step 1

Open the Control Panel from the Start Menu.


Step 2

Double-click the "Keyboard" icon.


Step 3

Click the "Input Locales" tab at the top of the dialog window.


Step 4

If you wish to type a number of characters from European languages such as German, French, Danish, or Spanish, click "Properties..." and in the dialog that appears, change the keyboard layout from "US " to "United States-International". A description of this keyboard layout can be found here.

Click the "Add..." button to add new keyboard layouts or IMEs for scripts such as Cyrillic.


Step 5

Choose the language you wish to type in. For example, for Cyrillic, you may wish to choose Russian. This site has a picture showing the Russian keyboard layout. You can also choose "United States-International" here, if you would rather add the international layout as a separate layout you can switch to than use it as your default layout.


Step 6

After clicking on "OK", you will now have a new layout added or a new default chosen. If you have added any layouts, you may wish to set keystroke options to be able to easily switch between layouts.

Selecting "Switch between input locales" and clicking the "Change Key Sequence..." button will open a dialog where you can set the keystroke for switching keyboard layouts.


Step 7

Select your preferred options in the dialog box and click the "OK" button.



After clicking "OK" in the main "Keyboard Properties" dialog (and restarting your computer if necessary), you will be able to type using special characters.

A little blue square in the System Tray (the icons next to the clock) shows what language you have currently selected. You can change the current language by using the keystroke you specified in the "Change Key Sequence" dialog in Step 7.