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  • Have you ever heard about Lion King characters that you never recall having heard mentioned in the movies? It could be because they never were! There were a series of books released that gave more "info" and additional storylines. They help solve such mysteries as "Why was there a male cub being held at the end of The Lion King, but the The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride features a female cub?" This section is going to briefly go over these books. More information is going to be added to this page, but it must wait until I am able to obtain these hard-to-get books. In the meantime, thanks to Wikipedia, I do have a small amount of information to work with.

    The Lion King: Six New Adventures

    A Tale of Two Brothers
  • Author: Alex Simmons
  • Illustrators: Denise Shimabukuro, Raymond Zibach
  • Summary: Scar, called Taka before receiving his scar, tricks Mufasa into looking like he started trouble with a water buffalo named Boma. Scar's plan backfires when Mufasa escapes to safety and Scar himself is attacked by Boma's herd. Scar is slashed across the face by the a water buffalo's horns, and gains his scar. He asks to be called Scar from now on, instead of Taka.
  • Nala's Dare
  • Author: Joanne Barkan
  • Illustrators: Laureen Burger Brooks, Rachelle Campbell, Denise Shimabukuro
  • Summary: A strange adult lion is seen in the Pride Lands. The pride is suspicious, but Nala wants to find this lion. She does, and the lion saves her from a hyena. Nala finds out that the lion's name is Ni. She also finds out that he had to leave his pride, as young male lions are driven from their prides when they can fend for themselves. Nala's mother Sarafina introduces Ni to the rest of the pride, and then Ni leaves.
  • Vulture Shock
  • Author: Judy Katschke
  • Illustrators: Laureen Burger Brooks, Rachelle Campbell, Denise Shimabukuro
  • Summary: Kopa, the son of Simba, wants to find his family tree. He asks his father to take him to it, but Simba is busy. Kopa sets out by himself to find it. He finds a lizard and chases it for a long time. The chase leads him to a dry, barren land. Lost and alone, he curls up and goes to sleep. In the morning he is found by two hungry vultures. They take Kopa ransom for some other, tastier animals. Kopa is kept prisoner up in a tree. A group of rapping vultures called the Buzzard Boyz befriend Kopa. The Buzzard Boyz bring Simba and Nala to where Kopa is, and Kopa is rescued.
  • Snake in the Grass
  • Author: Leslie McGuire
  • Illustrators: Laureen Burger Brooks, Rachelle Campbell, Denise Shimabukuro
  • Summary: Timon is nearly eaten by a huge python named Joka. Joka plots to split Timon, Pumbaa and Simba's friendship by spreading false messages. His plan works and Timon is left on his own. Simba eventually comes to his senses and realises what Joka is trying to do. Simba and Pumbaa come back to find Joka constricting Timon to death. Simba grabs Joka and throws him into a ravine.
  • Follow the Leader
  • Author: Page McBrier
  • Illustrators: Laureen Burger Brooks, David Pacheco, Denise Shimabukuro, Raymond Zibach
  • Summary: Rafiki's homeland, Grass Walls, is in trouble, but Simba doesn't want to help. Rafiki sets out on his own, but Simba soon realizes his duty and sets out after Rafiki. After saving Rafiki from a rhinoceros, Simba and Rafiki reach Grass Walls, a lush and beautiful land. But a drought has hit. Simba and Rafiki go to the Great Pond where the baboons are and meet Rafiki's lazy cousin Jelani, who is the leader of the troop. Jelani refuses to take the troop to a new home. Rafiki takes over and leads the baboons to a new dwelling place, but the journey is not without peril.
  • How True, Zazu?
  • Author: Leslie McGuire
  • Illustrators: Laureen Burger Brooks, Rachelle Campbell, David Pachecco, Denise Shimabukuro
  • Summary: Zazu, true to his duty, reports everything that happens in the Pride Lands to King Mufasa. Some young animals, fed up of Zazu poking his beak into everyone's business, make up stories so that Zazu will report false information. Mufasa grows angry with Zazu for leading him on wild goose chases. However, a swarm of army ants threatens the Pride Lands, and Mufasa reluctantly believes Zazu. But Mufasa grows complacent and is attacked by the ants. Zazu guides Mufasa to a river and Mufasa jumps in, washing away the biting ants. The Pride Landers form a plan and the ants are defeated. Mufasa never doubts Zazu's word again.

  • Other related books

    The Lion King: The Brightest Star
  • Plot: Mufasa and Simba are on the top of Pride Rock on a cold winter's eve. Mufasa shows Simba the brightest star in the sky and says that it goes back to the time of Simba's great grandfather, Mohatu. Mufasa then tells Simba the story of Mohatu.

    A terrible drought had gripped the Pride Lands. The water hole was reduced to a puddle, and all of the grass dried up and died. Mohatu made a law about how much each animal could drink. Lions were to go the water hole last, as they could survive a relatively long time without water.

    The law worked and each animal was able to survive. But one day a selfish, lazy lion (who looks very much like Scar) sat at the water hole and drank a large amount of water The other animals stood nearby waiting for him to finish. Eventually an antelope approached him and asked if she could have a drink as well. The lion lunged at her, and all of the waiting animals ran in fear.

    Mohatu was outraged when the news reached him, and decided that he had to find a more permanent solution to the water shortage problem.

    Mohatu walked for many miles. After a while he came to a large river. After having a drink, he lay down to rest, when he heard someone crying. He went to investigate, and found a large crocodile sobbing in the river. The crocodile was lonely and wanted some friends, but the other animals were afraid of him, because he once bit Hippo's tail. Mohatu said he would help the crocodile gain the trust of the other animals again.

    As Mohatu left the river, he bumped into a hippopotamus. Hippo said that she did not go to the river because he was scared of Crocodile. Mohatu walked further until he came to a wildebeest. The Wildebeest did not go to the river because he was scared of Hippo. Mohatu then came across a zebra. Zebra did not go to the river because Wildebeest did not go.

    After Mohatu returned to the Pride Lands, he realized that of all the animals needed to trust each other so that they could all use the Great River as their water supply.

    He told the animals that no animal could harm another until the drought had passed. A zebra spoke up saying that since the first law wasn't followed and was broken by Mohatu's kind (the lions), he wanted the protection of the wildebeest. But Wildebeest did not want to go, as he did not trust the hippos near the river. A hippo spoke up and said that the only animal to be feared was the crocodile. The animals began to argue with each other, and Zebra said that it was each animal for themselves.

    All of the animals ran off towards the Great River in a massive stampede. Cheetah ran forward in a burst of speed and tried to overtake Giraffe and Zebra. Zebra kicked Cheetah in the chest, and the animals ran over Cheetah as they rushed forward to try and be first at the river.

    Zebra reached the river first. He raced forward to drink but became lodged in quicksand. All of the animals rushed forward to try and pull Zebra out, but Zebra was firmly stuck.

    Mohatu finally arrived with Cheetah on his back. Mohatu, seeing that Zebra was stuck, called out to Crocodile for help. Crocodile appeared, and digging his muscular legs into the bank, he reached his tail out to Zebra. Zebra grabbed Crocodile's tail and was pulled to safety.

    Zebra apologized to Cheetah for kicking him. All of the animals drank their share of the water, being careful to avoid the quicksand. The animals of the Pride Lands returned to the Great River again and again, and Crocodile was always kind to them. Finally the drought ended, but King Mohatu still journeyed to the river to see his friends Crocodile, Zebra, Wildebeest and Hippo.

    Many years passed by under Mohatu's kind and gentle rule until Mohatu's death one winter's eve. The animals grieved heavily and began fighting once more. But just as they thought that there would never be peace again, a mysterious star appeared in the sky. The star was bigger and brighter than any other star. It filled the animals with peace and harmony and the fighting ceased. They knew that the star was the spirit of their king.
  • The Lion King: Friends In Need
  • Plot: Young Zazu is about to be cooked and eaten by the three hyenas (which explains his cry of "Oh no! Not the Birdie Boiler!" in the first movie) Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, when a young Mufasa arrives, frightens off the hyenas and saves him. Zazu is thankful and hopes that he can be of service to the Lion King someday. Mufasa is doubtful of this.

    Zazu follows Mufasa around and watches over him. Mufasa tires of this quickly as Zazu disturbs his hunts and his private time with Sarabi.

    One day Zazu notices some vultures hovering. He asks Mufasa if Mufasa wants him to fly over and see what's happening, but Mufasa is not concerned and lies down for a nap. Zazu flies over to where the vultures are anyway and sees that Sarabi has fallen into a pit and can't get out. Zazu flies back to tell Mufasa who leaps up and runs to the gorge, but once he arrives he can't find a way to rescue Sarabi. Zazu finds a tree trunk that Mufasa drags over to the pit, allowing Sarabi to climb out.

    Mufasa realizes that the hornbill is useful after all and appoints him as royal advisor.

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