box /bOks/–noun
There are many definitions of boxes, but in terms of CSS a box is a container, visible or not, for something on the page. Be it a block of text, an image or place to submit either a comment or request.

In the wide variety of websites I visit, I've started to notice that I prefer those where boxes and page divs are used to break apart the information. I particularly like the pages that use rounded corners on the boxes as well as dropped shadow. Anything that fools my eye into seeing more than just a 2 dimensional page is a plus for me. Inspiration for the rounded corners come from, but due to it being a community requiring a sign in you may not be able to see the full use they employ boxes in. A series of boxes mostly on the right hand side of the page provide tidbits of information on the item you're viewing including who else is working on the item, designer information and where to get the pattern or others like it, popout boxes allow viewing of pictures and if I'm reading the code correctly even are employed in the header where the dropdown lists are. My reference for the build of this box is this W3 page.

Like everything, this can be way overdone to the detriment of the page. Hint: this box is an example there of... However, used to complement, accentuate and plain old highlight information boxes are a successful addition to almost any page.