Name: Amulyo
Species: Ice Dragon
Gender: Female
Age: 48,642
Height: 173 centimeters (5 feet and 8 inches)
Weight: 58 kilograms (9 stone and 2 pounds)
Immediate family: None
Marital Status: Single
Love Interest(s): Olaesu Seuri (otter, male), Praurn (fire dragon, male)
Profession: Leader of the Paragon Corporation
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Location: Paragon Tower, 1 Dogflud Street, Financial District, Layleaux
Summary: A dragoness that longs to be free of immortality. She naturally has full powers of shapeshifting, hydrokinesis, telepathy, regeneration, teleportation, healing, and limited telekinesis and conjuration. For ease of socialization, she takes the form of a blonde Saluki.