The Life of Charle Perange

1432 BCE
- Apparently born in City of Knosses, Crete, as Calchas Mastroakis to Argus Mastrokais (a potter) and Iokaste Mastroaki, whilst in reality was found by Argus and Iokaste on their doostep

1426 BCE
- Started helping his supposed father out as a potter

1405 BCE
- Fell in love with Selene, a female deer from the region

1402 BCE
- Worked up a reputation as a good potter

1401 BCE
- Married Selene

1381 BCE (March)
- Travelled to Mycenae to trade his pottery wares

1381 BCE (2nd August)
- Returning from Mycenae, on a stormy night, ship capsized near Knossos and Charle suffered a fatal blow to the head from the mast

1381 BCE (4th August)
- Washed ashore, immediately recognized, pronounced dead

1381 BCE (28th September)
- Regenerates inside his buried clay urn, manages to push lid up and lift soil atop of it up, prompting a nearby fur to come over and help him out

1381 BCE (29th September)
- Returns to the shock, then joy of his wife and triplets

1380 BCE
- Supposed father dies from old age

1372 BCE
- Prolonged youth seen as a blessing to him by the Gods

1370 BCE
- Supposed mother dies from old age

1366 BCE
- Selene dies from old age

1342 BCE
- Considered a miracle by Cretians

1340 BCE
- Started studying the art of the forge under a local smith, and then his son, studying the art of the blacksmith under them

- Started work as a blacksmith

1233 BCE
- Regarded as blessed by the Gods

1100 BCE
- Set off to travel from Mycenae, heading through Greece, Turkey, and then Egypt, staying at each in turn, learning the art of Jewellery whilst in Greece (picking up more techniques in Egypt), to read and write Phoenician in Phoenicia, and Coppersmithery in Egypt

940 BCE
- Returned to Crete

938 BCE
- Started up work as a Jeweller and Coppersmith, dabbling in whichever happened to be needed in the time

720 BCE
- Decided to give Jewellery and Coppersmithy a rest and learn about farming under a local farmer

673 BCE
- In the process of taking a cart of citrons to market, one of the cart's wheels gave way and the cart - along with a number of citrons - collapses upon him. Callisto, a local kri-kri, was heading to market also, and upon seeing the capsized cart, hurried over to examine it. Upon digging out Charle from the considerable amount of fruit, they fell in love

668 BCE
- Married Callisto

662 BCE
- Callisto falls off a small cliff on the farm and breaks her spine, killing her

320 BCE (March)
- Attacked by pirates from Gortyn, Crete, and died from a stab wound

320 BCE (July)
- Regenerated inside clay burial vessel, escaping the same was as the previous time

320 BCE (July)
- Committed suicide by jumping off a cliff, soon after escaping the vessel

319 BCE (Late February)
- Regenerated inside clay burial vessel, escaping the same was as the previous time

319 BCE (March)
- Gave up attempting death and took up work as a potter once more, after pirates destroyed and ransacked the farm

71-69 BCE
- Protected cubs, pups, and kits during the Roman attacks

68 BCE
- Following the takeover by the Romans, Charle moved to Alexandria, Egypt

68 BCE
- Started studying the Egyptian art of Alchemy

115 CE
- Fled Alexandria upon its destruction by the Romans and settled in Ephesus, Anatolia, where he studied at the library and attended the temple of Artemis

- Fled Ephesus upon its destruction by the Goths

- Travelled to China along the Silk Road, to escape the spread of Christianity

- Arrived in China, where he settled in the city of Wuhan and started learning Chinese

- Became fluent in Chinese and started learning about Chinese folk medicine

- Left Wuhan and travelled the country, studying under various masters, until he learned all possible information about it

- Settled back down in Wuhan as a healer, jeweller, alchemist, and smith

- Fled the country, upon the defeat of the Jin dynasty by Genghis Khan

- Moved to Italy, where he proceed to roam

- Moved to Florence

- Upon hearing about the University of Bologna, travelled there and became a student in the College of Medicine

- Graduated from the College of Medicine and started work as a physician, mixing both oriental and Western knowledge

- Moved to Paris, France

1346 (June)
- Charle met Praurn, whom he fell in love with, the former acting older as he would supposedly grow older, to avoid raising suspicion

1346 (August)
- Left Paris, due to the English invasion

1386 (July)
- Contracts bubonic plague

1386 (Early October)
- Dies from the plague and is buried by Praurn, after slowly degenerating over the past couple of months

1387 (March)
- Regenerates and is burned at the stake for witchcraft, after being found rising up out of the ground

1389 (November)
- Regenerated

- Moved to Italy and explored the land, essentially living the life of a hermit

- Settled in Naples

- Moved to Florence

- Fell in love with a female swan named Amadora

- Married Amadora

- Amadora held hostage and killed when theives broken into her and Charle's home

- Moved to Milan from distress over Amadora's death

- Moved to Verona

- Moved to Vicenza

- Moved to Venice

- Moved to Florence

- Moved to Verona

- Moved to Venice

- Volunteered as a Plague Doctor

- Moved to Paris, France

- Moved to Berlin, Germany

- Moved to Hamburg

- Moved to Brugges, Belgium

- Moved to Berlin, Germany, due to the French Revolutionary Wars

- Became a student at the University of Berlin, where he studied science and medicine

- Graduated from the University of Berlin

- Moved to Oxford, England

- Moved to London

- Moved to Cheddar Gorge

- Fell in love with a female Rough Collie called Vivian

- Married Vivian

- Gave Vivian a transfusion of his own blood after she slipped and accidentally cut open a vein whilst making dinner

- Joined the British Army as Infantryman and was posted to the Western Front (trenches)

- Died a number of times

- Vivian suffered a heart attack at home whilst Charle was out and died

- Moved to Berlin, Germany, due to the thinkers and scientists over there, prompted by his desire to find a way of stopping death

- Applied for a grant from the Notgemeinschaft der Deutschen Wissenschaft (Emergency Association of German Science) to investigate sustained and prolonged existence in living creatures

- Given grant by the Emergency Association of German Science and started work

- Was recruited/persuaded into the Ahnenerbe SS, after being recognized as someone talented in science

1937 (August)
- Discovered to be immortal by Gestapo officer and doctor Anna Stryker and shot in the heart, before being taken to a secret medical facility

1937 (November)
- Regenerates and is recruited by Anna to work on transfering his regenerative and immortal properties onto another being, as ordered by Hitler

1938 (January)
- Throws himself off a hospital to save Anna, killing him, after being trapped in there with zombie-esque furs, due to a test subject infecting the whole facility

1938 (April)
- Regenerates

- Posted to Auschwitz

- Married Anna Stryker

- Was captured with Anna by Allied forces

- Brought with Anna before the courts in the Doctor's Trial, indicted of conspiracy to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and membership of a criminal organisation (the SS)

- Both found guilty under latter three charges and were sentenced to death by hanging

1948 (July 2)
- Death by hanging at Landsberg Prison, Germany

1948 (July 4)
- Regenerated, fought way out of coffin and dug himself up, waiting for nightfall before leaving cemetary

1948 (December)
- Masqueraded as a Prisoner of War to get flown to America/Layleaux continent

- Acquired a job as a scientist and started building up funds and resources to continue his research

- Acquired a remote, disused military building, built partway underground, and with his money and resources, continued his research, using beggars for test subjects

1990 (January)
- A volatile explosion destroyed the laboratory, along with all the research, resources, and what assets he had left, reducing all beings caught within the explosion to charred ashes

1992 (November)
- Regenerated and escaped wreckage

1992 (December)
- Moved to Layleaux (city), after deciding to forget about his experiments and just try to live a normal life

- Started studying at a medical college, paid for by working as an erotic dancer

- Graduated from medical college and started working as a junior doctor on the Intensive Care Ward of Lodre Street Hospital

- Moved into an apartment at eight Park Drive, Northern Layleaux, and soon acquired a crush for the receptionist, a giraffe named Tequila Yata

- Was promoted to Head Doctor of the Intensive Care Ward, as the position freed up and he had proved more than capable of filling in the role

2007 (Late May)
- Met Athena Zamir after rescuing her from accident involving her car and a truck

2007 (Early June)
- Attacked at the poledancing club he worked at, up till that point

2007 (Early August)
- Discharged from hospital, mated with Tequila after she revealed her love for him, then suffered a heart attack, from stress of trying to explain he wants to be with both Athena or Tequila, when the former arrived at the scene

2007 (Mid August)
- Awakens from heart attack

2007 (October)
- Mates with Athena, impregnates her, and accidentally damages her as he enters a blind state of panic at being tied and tries to remove himself

2007 (Mid November)
- Runs away from Athena after discovering that she's pregnant, from a desire to protect her and from personal fear from becoming a father

2007 (December)
- Charle, then a few days later, Athena is captured by a sadistic tiger and lion

2007-2008 (August)
- Tortured and held prisoner by the tiger and lion

2008 (August)
- Forced to kill his and Athena's puppy with the penalty of both Athena and the pup's death if he failed, then left out in desert to die, but is rescued by a group of cub scouts camping nearby and taken to hospital

2009 (April)
- Released from hospital

2009 (November)
- Proposes to Athena in Venice, impregnates her, and upon return to Layleaux, is falsly arrested and tortured by Afredita Lorna, he dies from inhalation of nerve gas, then regenerates when being treated in hospital

2009 (December)
- Athena confirmed pregnant

2010 (Middle August)
- Overcomes fear of the sea to rescue Athena, after her being raped and left to drown, then delivers their two puppies, Zeus and Persephone

2010 (Late August)
- Starts second job as a prostitute, to work up funds so he and Athena can move

2010 (Middle September)
- Accused of cheating on Athena and is told that she never wants to see him again, leading him to leave the house, tries to drink his problems away, then slit his wrists in an attempt at suicide, but is rescued and kept in hospital

2010 (Middle November)
- Moved to Illara, had nightmare about Amadora's death on the first night, speaking aloud in Italian, afterwards accessed his memory crystal to see Amadora alive (glimpsed using it by Athena) and relocated his service Luger to his bedside table, hidden within a fake book

2011 (Late May)
- Is killed in a collision involving an articulated lorry, then on the night of the collision, Athena discovered his memory crystal and viewed the most important memories of his life

2011 (Middle July)
- Regenerated in a coffin, dug himself up, then returned home to Athena, Zeus, and Persephone