Hisia Naweusi

Name: Hisia Naweusi
Species: Zebra
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Height: 189 centimeters (6 feet and 2 inches)
Weight: 92 kilograms (14 stone and 5 pounds)
Immediate family: Parents, Ariana (zebra, daughter), Bella (zebra, daughter)
Marital Status: Engaged to Taja Orodhi (orca, male)
Love Interest: Taja Orodhi (orca, male)
Profession: Retired
Sexuality: Straight
Location: 138 Orange Grove, Torula Hills, Oalla
Summary: Trained as a secretary, Hisia is a strict vegetarian and loather of violence. She was part of Amulyo's Organization until it was disbanded, and helped Praurn rescue Amuylo after she was kidnapped. She now lives happily in Oalla with her fiance.