Irtia Perak

Name: Irtia Perak
Species: Vixen
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 162 centimeters (5 feet and 4 inches)
Weight: 54 kilograms (8 stone and 5 pounds)
Immediate family: Parents, Bureme (younger sister)
Marital Status: Single
Love Interest: None
Profession: Unemployed
Sexuality: Straight
Location: Razeca farms, Mosem (near Oalla)
Summary: A former (reluctant) recruit of Donach Mtanasa, Irtia worked mostly as his assitant before he betrayed and shot her. She was saved by Praurn shortly before the Base of Operations was buried under a thousand tonnes of rubble. After parts of her memory erased and body healed up, she was returned to her parents' farm and is now living there happily.