Mwizi Mwalimu

Name: Mwizi Mwalimu
Species: Spotted Hyena
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 179 centimeters (5 feet and 9 inches)
Weight: 59 kilograms (9 stone and 3 pounds)
Immediate family: Anasa (spotted hyena, daughter), Zuri (spotted hyena, daughter)
Marital Status: Single
Love Interest: Karove (Spotted Hyena, male)
Profession: Teaching at Kendle Street Middle School, Layleaux
Sexuality: Straight
Location: Room 23, Inn on the Bay, South-western Layleaux
Summary: Mwizi is an underpaid teacher that has practically dragged herself out of the gutter - but not very far. Fond of drinking and more than fond of smoking, she was recently thrown out of her apartment after failing to pay the rent for the umpteenth time. She currently is living with her sweetheart, Karove.