Nguli Kita

Name: Nguli Kita
Species: Pantheress (black leopardess)
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Height: 132 centimeters (4 feet and 3 inches)
Weight: 28 kilograms (4 stone and 4 pounds)
Immediate family: Hazina (mother), Sahi (father), Kureha (adoptive father), Ingari (brother), Nusa (sister)
Marital Status: Single
Love Interest: Whitefell (tundra wolf, female)
Profession: Student
Sexuality: Bisexual
Location: Detached bungalow, Western Layleaux
Summary: One of three cubs fathered by one of Hazina's previous clients, Nguli has an identical twin sister called Nusa as well as a brother called Ingari. She has a rather timid, shy personality and prefers to avoid violence by all means possible.