Name: Kivuli
Species: Underworld Spirit (Greek)
Gender: Male
Age: 65,000
Height: 165 centimeters (5 feet and 5 inches)
Weight: 54 kilograms (8 stone and 7 pounds)
Marital Status: Single
Love Interest(s):
Sexuality: Bisexual

Attire: Varies; usually black robes
Weaponry: Scythe

Active Abilities: Dark Vision, Dream Control, Flame Breath, Limited Conjuration (clothing, shadows, weapon), Mind Probe, Mind Trick, Pyrokinesis, Shadow Manipulation, Smoke Breath, Trap Mind (only whilst target is asleep), View Time (Past, Present, possible futures)
Passive Abilities: Empathy, Limited Healing, Limited Teleportation (night or shadows required), Plane Shift, Regeneration, Shadow Form, Shapeshifting, Telepathy

Notes: His primary form is that of a Spotted Hyena, his secondary form is that of a Spotted Hyena skeleton, his tertiary form is that of a Black Dragon