Taja Orodhi

Name: Taja Orodhi
Species: Orca
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Height: 215 centimeters centimeters (7 feet)
Weight: 93 kilograms (14 stone and 6 pounds)
Immediate family: Parents, Ariana (zebra, daughter), Bella (zebra, daughter)
Marital Status: Engaged to Hisia Naweuzi (zebra, female)
Love Interest: Hisia Naweuzi (zebra, female)
Profession: Retired; Jazz Singer.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Location: 138 Orange Grove, Torula Hills, Oalla
Summary: Taja has spent most of his life training in and as a martial arts instructor. He was part of Amulyo's Organization until it was disbanded, and helped Praurn rescue Amuylo after she was kidnapped. He now lives happily in Oalla with his fiance, occasionally visiting their local pub, the Rusty Dragon, to sing in a jazz band.