Vikali Kupotea

Name: Vikali Kupotea
Species: Lioness
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Height: 165 centimeters (5 feet and 4 inches)
5 Weight: 57 kilograms (9 stone)
Immediate family: Parents, Kousho Kita (adopted brother), Kureha Kita (adopted brother)
Marital Status: Single
Love Interest: Teriss Ngozi (cheetah, female)
Profession: Artist and Writer for Female Felines' Lifestyle Magazine
Sexuality: Bisexual
Location: 24 Palm Drive, Wineldatir Heights, Western Layleaux
Summary: The sole daughter of a well-to-do businessman and successful painter, Vikali enjoyed the privellages of a loving family and comfortable cubhood. Soon after reaching the age of fourteen, she made friends with a panther called Kousho and his brother Kureha, whom she later had adopted as her own brothers (though unofficially). She has ended up making her living by writing for a lifestyle magazine in her spare time and painting as her main occupation. She lives in a villa barely five minutes walk away from the sea with her girlfriend Teriss Ngozi.