The Life of Vivian Best

- Born in Cheddar Gorge, England, as Vivian Harwood to Robert (a cheesemaker) and Marian Harwood

- Fell in love with a male Golden Retriever called Charles Penne

- Married Charles

- Was given a transfusion of Charles' own blood after she slipped and accidentally cut open a vein whilst making dinner

- Died from a heart attack whilst Charles was out

1940 (January)
- Regenerates inside her coffin, eventually manages to escape at night and goes wandering. Is eventually found by an ARP warden and assumes that she has been bombed out, concussing her and affecting her memory

1940 (February)
- Having looked into the whereabouts of Charles, and assuming him dead or a Prisoner of War, she moves to London in order to work in a munitions factory, to do her bit for the war effort

1945 (Middle November)
- After being unable to find any trace or record of Charle, she assumes him dead and throws herself off London Bridge

1945 (Late November)
- Her body washes up on the shore, and after being unable to be identified as having any relatives, is cremated and ashes strewn over the Thames

1992 (Late November)
- Regenerates on the shore of a river in Essex, where one of her ashes were washed up on a riverbank and the land grew a several centimetres above it. After breaking free and acknowledging that she can never die, she heads back to London, where she stays in a hostel and starts work as a prostitute to pay for her to attend a college, working her way towards a medical college, in order to become a nurse and prevent others from dying. She takes up the surname 'Best'

2005 (September)
- Finally achieves her Master of Science in Nursing Degree and starts work part-time as she continues working as a prostitute, to pay for the college and university bills

2005 (October)
- Starts renting a small, one-room flat

2008 (March)
- Finishes paying for her university bills and starts looking at moving to America

2009 (Mid August)
- Moves to Layleaux, America, and starts renting out a small, one-room flat

2009 (Late August)
- Gets hired by Lower Westside Hospital and starts work as a nurse practitioner

2011 (October)
- Attended a medical conference in Layleaux where Charle Pergande was a speaker and recognized who he was instantly. Took him out for dinner that night, found out that he was looking for nurse-cum-secretary to work in his new surgery in Illara, and volunteered

2012 (January)
- Moves to Illara and starts work as Charle's nurse and secretary at his surgery