Full Name: Hazina Kita (maiden name Kuzinga)
Species: Pantheress
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Height: 175 centimeters (5 feet and 7 inches)
Weight: 65 kilograms (10.2 stone)
Family: Praurn (lover), Kureha Kita (mate), Ingari (son), Nusa (daughter), and Nguli (daughter)

Contacts: Commander Whitney the Ferret, Praurn the Fox
Usual Attire: Orange cotton sarong, orange bikini top, bare hindpaws.

Qualifications: GCSE's, four grades E's to F's.
Weaponry: Two customised Colt M1911's; skilled with a QSW-06, Desert Eagle, Beretta M12, and an M1 Garand Rifle.
Job: Unemployed; formally a prostitute, training to become a police officer.

Biography: Relatively little is known about Hazina's childhood, except that in the orphanage where she was raised the pantheress was able to go to a school with other ucbs her age. Shortly before sitting her all-important exams prior to college, her supposed boyfriend Kaofo lured the female into prostitution, resulting in failure academically. By the age of twenty, Hazina unintentionally became pregnant with a client's cubs, whom she gave birth to - two boys and a girl - by which time she had found herself a loving mate named Kureha and a not-so-loving addiction to alcohol. She was finally freed of her 'employer' Kaofo's grip when the hyena was killed in a shoot-out with an FBI unit sent after him. Now she lives an unemployed life with her mate, his brother, and their cubs.