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This is a secret side-site that only myself, Kousho the panther, and Praurn the fox can access. Here lie details relating to the Kupotea Pride, the main website, and (PG-13) Tapestries. The pages include current details and statuses, side projects, plans for the future, ideas, and above all - information.

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No members of the public can access the part of the site as it uses a .htaccess encryption. Use the links on the navigation bar to the left in order to traverse the doman. Enjoy!

Latest Updates

7th September 2008 - ORGANIZATION NEWS

A look-alike was sent after one of the furs that led to Kappa Ten's downfall today, Mrs Hazina Kita. She was corned inside a weapons training facility on the outskirts of Layleaux today. Kita was travelling with an accomplice suspected with the disappearance of Theta Eight. The assassin's objective was to disable the cameras in one of the buildings, then kill Kita and take her place. Upon rejoining the accomplice, as of yet of unknown, she was intended to kill him. However, our visual feeds show us that upon confronting Kita, the mother of three is skilled in both firearms and logical combat, and killed our assassin by two bullet wounds to the chest, knocking her out of a five-story building. Further details will be unveiled as this situation develops.

7th September 2008 - WEBSITE NEWS

The Tapestries/Organization page has had three new additions uploaded. The link to the Assets page is now functional and a start has been made on The Alphabet page (bottom link), with Eight and Ten's information added.

6th September 2008 - WEBSITE NEWS

The start of this website was uploaded today, with the Tapestries/Organization page started and the Discussion Board fully functional.