Naima dies from old age?
- If so, Uhodari dies from his grief? -
-- Preferably they die peacefully --

Hyena clan moves in near or by the Eastern/Southern/Western border?
- Not neccessarily hyenas. Perhaps jackals? -
-- Possibly a rival pride? --

Rogue male (a la Nabana) joins Kupotea Pride, gains trust steadily, then tries to take out Msaada or Njaa?
- Note: Neither male has much experience fighting. Msaada has more bulk and muscle than Njaa, while Njaa is more spry. -
-- Note 2: If the rogue male is successful, he will almost certainly attempt to kill the young cubs. --


Mahubi and Kimajo have recently mated with Nabana; they have a high chance of becoming pregnant.

Something happens that prevents Nabana from leaving.

Due to the mating of their girlfriends by the adult, some confrontation between Nabana, Ujinga, and Afnu?

Nyoni (Secretary Bird) working for a third party, perhaps detrimental to the Kupotea Pride. -


Nabana has mated with both Afnu and Prince Ujinga's girlfriends; jealousy is rift among them.