Note: The Year and Month starts from when the pride was formed. Technically, the first month is November.

Year 0, Month 1

Uhodari and a pregnant Naima settle in the Kupotea Grasslands.

Year 0, Month 3

Naima gives birth to Utamu, Jaburu, and Njaa.

Year 0, Month 6

Kubwa (juvenile) joins the pride.

Year 1, Month 2

Utamu and Jaburu reach adolescence.

Year 1, Month 3

Naima gives birh to Mahubi.

Nadhifu (cub) joins the pride.

Year 1, Month 12

Epsi is declared the Majordomo.

Year 2, Month 5

Utamu and Jaburu reach adulthood.

Year 2, Month 6

Kubwa reaches adulthood.

Year 2, Month 9

Utamu gives birth to Vikali.

Year 2, Month 10

Mahubi gives birth to Nusara.

Nusara dies (wildehond attack).

Year 2, Month 11

Vikali leaves the Kupotea Pride.

Kubwa dies (rogue lion attack).

Utamu and Epsi leave the Kupotea Pride.

Uhodari and Naima step down as king and queen.

Njaa and Jaburu become the new king and queen.

Year 3, Month 2

Jaburu gives birth to Ujinga.

Utamu dies (back injury, starvation, dehydration)

Mahubi gives birth to Afnu and Ngulozi.

Year 3, Month 6

Nadhifu leaves the Kupotea Pride.

Year 3, Month 8

Rumours of a second pride surface.

Nadhifu enters Kopje Valley and attempts to abduct Vikali.

Nadhifu is killed (by Nabana).

Year 3, Month 9

Epsi leaves Kopje Valley.

Year 3, Month 10

Jaburu encounters Kipazi.

Epsi returns with news of Utamu and Nadhifu's deaths.

Epsi is reinstated as Majordomo.

The two prides meet at River Hill.

The two prides merge into one and choose River Hill as their new den.

Year 4, Month 2

Afnu mates Queen Bayana.

Nabana arrives in the Kupotea Grasslands.

Nabana becomes a temporary member of the pride.

Year 4, Month 3

Nabana succeeds in mating Mahubi, Kipazi, and Kimajo