Full Name: Vikali Marjorie Kupotea
Species: Lioness
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Height: 165 centimeters (5 feet and 5 inches)
Weight: 57 kilograms (9 stone)
Qualifications: National Diploma in Art and Design, A Level in Media Studies, Martial Arts (brown belt in Karate), Basic Weapons Training (with merit)
Usual Attire: Shorts (half-thigh length), t-shirt, sandals.
Weaponry: Usually none; trained with semi-automatic pistols, staff weapons, throwing weapons, and unarmed combat.
Job: Artist, Writer for Female Felines' Lifestyle Magazine

Biography: The sole daughter of businessman Nadhifu Zuri and the moderately successful painter Utamu Kupotea, Vikali enjoyed the privellages of a loving family and comfortable cubhood. Soon after reaching the age of fourteen, she made friends with a panther called Kousho and his brother Kureha, whom she later had adopted as her own brothers (though unofficially). Going through school with good marks and then college with similar success, she has ended up making her living by writing for a lifestyle magazine in her spare time and painting as her main occupation. She lives on her own in a villa barely five minutes walk away from the sea.