Grey Wolf

Scientific Name: Canis lupus

Common Name(s): Gray Wolf (American)
Timber Wolf
Common Wolf

Status: Least Concern
Endangered (USA)

Estimated Population: 200,000
9,000 (USA)
15,500-18,000 (Europe)

Population Trend: Stable

Threats:                         Conflict with human activities; farmers, wolves being forced to prey upon                                      livestock; human enroachment into pack territory; hunting and poaching, hide,                                      trophy, percieved threat; habitat fragmentation; removal of prey animals;                                      conflicts with wolves, overlapping territories.

Range:                           Wolves now occupy only a small percent of their original range: Afghanistan;
                                     Albania; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Belarus; Bhutan; Bosnia and Herzegovina;
                                     Bulgaria; Canada; China; Croatia; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland;
                                     France; Georgia; Germany; Greece; Greenland; Hungary; India; Iran, Islamic
                                     Republic of; Iraq; Israel; Italy; Jordan; Kazakhstan; Korea, Democratic
                                     People's Republic of; Korea, Republic of; Kyrgyzstan; Latvia; Libyan Arab
                                     Jamahiriya; Lithuania; Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of; Mexico;
                                     Moldova; Mongolia; Montenegro; Myanmar; Nepal; Norway; Oman;
                                     Pakistan; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Russian Federation; Saudi Arabia;
                                     Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Syrian Arab Republic; Tajikistan;
                                     Turkey; Turkmenistan; Ukraine; United Arab Emirates; United States;
                                     Uzbekistan; Yemen

Note from Vikali:           Despite their apparently vast range, the relative land mass of which wolves                                      occupy is very small. Due to predjudices of farmers to wolves and the habits                                      of hunters, this species could slip all too easily back to endangered, perhaps                                      even to the point of critically so. While the statistics show that the Grey Wolf                                      is of 'Least Concern', many of its subspecies are already extinct and most of                                      its remaining ones are either endangered or nearing that point. In the USA                                      (lower 48 states), there are just about 9,000 of these creatures left alive.                                      Remember: in conservation, every little counts. Any bit of help you offer these                                      animals, no matter how small, is vital to their continued existance.

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