29th April 2010

Phew! In a hectic blitz of Lion King passion, I have finished taking stills for The Lion King galleries! Now, they are in the processing stage, which can take a matter of days, weeks, or possibly even a couple of months, as the job requires me to be in the right mindset, and that seems to be quite at chance! I did want to not upload any of the new galleries until I had finished making them ALL, but due to the amount of time it will take to finish processing them all, I have decided to tide you all over with uploading three new galleries: Under the Stars, Hunting, and Can You Feel the Love Tonight? I hope you all find these to your liking, whilst I finish off the remaining image galleries. Kwaheri!

31st January 2010

Just returned from seeing The Lion King up at the Lyceum Theatre, for the sixth time! I should really qualify for some sort of insane-devotional-loyalty card. Awesome South African Simba remains most awesome, Nala really shined tonight, Scar did his best performance yet, and the hyenas were as mega awesome as always! Also, after explaining that I wanted the information for my Lion King website and probably coming across as incredibly nerdy, the lovely people at the Lyceum Theatre let me have the list of cast replacements that performance. Mufasa was played by Anthony Francis (did a really good job too), Timon was played by David Pendlebury (preferred the usual Timon, due to Pendelbury's slightly different timing and accent), and Sarabi was played by Ketsia Poitevien-Clarke (and was as Sarabi as always. Might get around to doing some image galleries at some point, but if not, and if I do, then I hope you all stay well until my next update! (and hopefully some after that, too!)

3rd January 2010

First off, let me wish you all a Happy Gregorian (calendar) New Year, and hope you all had pleasant festive holidays! After putting it off for months, just yesterday, I worked solidly for over fifteen hours to bring you the Timon and Pumbaa and Hakuna Matata image galleries! And, four hours of work today combined with three from yesterday, I have a third new image gallery available to you all, originally done as a reward to myself for looking at T&P for over twelve hours, and it is Scar's Domain! I shall be trying to work on the next, less T&P galleries during the week, whilst I'm still on a Lion King buzz. Ta ta!

28th October 2009

Apologies for the lack of updates over the past two months, dear visitors. College has proved to be even more of a stress than I imagined! But I won't bore you all with the details. Suffice to say, I shall probably be taking a little break from updating Vikali's Kopje, so as to lessen any possible stresses, but I hope to do some more work on it (specifically image galleries) either by or during the Festive period, when my mood tends to lift. Be well!

9th September 2009

No less than four galleries (totalling approximately 880 images) have been added to The Lion King, this time the (in)famous Stampede sequence, Simba's exile, and Scar's eulogy at Pride Rock. Spending over an hour on the incredibly sad scene between 'Love live the King' and 'Run away', going through it slowly, frequently rewinding a few seconds, going through frame by frame... it is so unbelievably taxing! It never really occured to me before, the level of detail and care the artists had put in, to convey the utter despair and pure grief of Simba. Many tears were shed in the making of that gallery. Next up, Hakuna Matata! And until then, kwaheri!

30th September 2009

Two new galleries for The Lion King have been uploaded today: the famous Kings of the Past scene and Be Prepared. This means we are officially over a third of the way through the film! Look out for more updates soon!

17th September 2009

The Elephant Graveyard scene has now been uploaded and the gallery fully accessable! Consisting of a whopping 325 images, it's more than double the size of the original seven galleries! Whether this has anything to do with the HYENAS featuring prominantly in the scene, or the fact that it lasts for over five minutes... no one shall ever know. Though, it's more likely the latter. Hope to be uploading more soon, though may be slighter slower than usual, due to college starting up again. With love!

10th September 2009

Slightly delayed due to sibling-related distractions, I present to you the latest two galleries for The Lion King - The Bath Scene and I Just Can't Wait to be King! They're rather nice and long (compared to the other The Lion King galleries), and shall hopefully be followed up with the Elephant Graveyard scene over the next couple of days. Maybe even Kings of the Past, if I'm especially dedicated. One can hope, at least. I've also made a few small corrections to the log page, along with adding a rather fantastical furry to my Special Thanks page - none other than Mamela the Cheetah! My best wishes to her, and until my next update, kwaheri!

2nd September 2009

Upon the 29th of August, I saw The Lion King Musical in London for the fifth time. Upon the 31st of August, I watched The Lion King - something I haven't done in a long time. And now, upon the 2nd of September, I present to you the fruits of just two days of labour - the first five image galleries for The Lion King, uploaded and accessable to all! My fire and passion re-ignited, I will continue to upload the rest of the galleries over the next two weeks. Along with the new galleries, I have decided to improve manevourability between galleries by putting links to the previous, next, and main gallery pages in appropriate places, carefully chosen so as not to look messy. On a minor note, I have also update the FAQ, sorting out two display errors within it and fixed an error that occured when viewing The Mystery Cubs of Pride Rock essay on Internet Explorer, that had rendered it unreadable. Please enjoy, and I shall update again soon!

7th February 2009

Well... that was certainly a month and a half! Full of chaos, hecticness, and now snow! But anyway, back to business. I've recently acquired a few more little Lion King things, including a nice mug from the Disney Store, so I'll be uploading some photographs from my lovely new camera before long! Upon the website itself, the Kupotea page has been vastly updated with the latest escapades from the pride, and I've also rectified the colouring of various images. Hope you all enjoy!

7th January 2009

Woohoo! Vikali's Kopje just celebrated its first anniversary (26th December) and just yesterday had its 4500th visitor! As stated in my front page notice, the voting for The Lion King image galleries has now closed. I have tallied up the responses I have received and have come out with these results: the pictures will be a new, larger size, yet with quality valued over size, and due to very popular demand, the galleries shall be formatted as the early Simba's Pride galleries were; with my comments alongside each picture. January's a busy month for this kitty, but when she's got some free time, she's slowly working on transcribing the lyrics for The Lion King on Broadway. Once these have been done, I shall start upon the much wanted Lion King galleries!

18th December 2008

Festive greetings to all! I have a new gallery of sorts that Msasi has encouraged me to do, set in The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride gallery listings - Vikali's Top Picks! In the Top Picks gallery, I will guide you all through a few of my favourite stills from Simba's Pride, with my comments ranging from the hopefully witty, to the insightful and philosophical, to the simple and weird. And now, between college and sleep, I shall be working on a Top Picks gallery for the Hakuna Matata images!

15th December 2008

Greetings all, and apologies for not updating in so long! A mixture of exhaustion from my new college life and a nasty bout of illness, I've been kept too fatigued to update anything for a while. However, I've made myself go through and do just a few starting updates to get back into the swing of things. For starters, after seeing the bland colour in my original Simba's Pride image galleries, I have gone through all 1491 pictures and adjusted the colour so it appear more crisp and vivid. On the talk of galleries, I'm very keen to get working on The Lion King, though there are a few problems that have arisen regarding it. Firstly, I am undecided upon the size; should the individual images be the same size as those taken in the Simba's Pride and Hakuna Matata galleries, or should they be bigger? Also, the formatting. While I am very tempted to go through the whole film in the format of the earlier SP galleries with comments alongside each picture, I also wish to have a lot of images, which makes me tempted for the Hakuna Matata format of just a page full of thumbnails. But the important thing is what YOU the visitors want! So please, if you wish to see The Lion King galleries in the manner you choose, please click here. Update: The Lion King galleries are now in the process of being uploaded, so I have removed the links from this log, as they are effectively now redundant.

10th November 2008

I knew I left something out in my list of updates yesterday. I forgot to mention that my long-awaited essay 'The Mystery Cubs of Pride Rock' has been completed and uploaded, at long last.

9th November 2008

Updates, updates, updates... this time round, we've got several nice changes and a few extras! Firstly, the Miscellaneous Image Gallery now has a subfolder entitled 'My Lion King Possessions', where all the pictures of - you guessed it - my Lion King stuff I own are located. This is so the gallery can be a little less cluttered. Also, it has come to my attention that the Lyrics pages do not display properly on Firefox browsers; this has been changed by having a deciding element to the link, which has one set of lyrics specially for IE, and a second set for every other browser! In addition to all this, one of my favourite additions to the site is the addition of a small bit of scripting on each page, which enables your browser's window title to change on each individual page! Lastly, but not least, we have a new poll that I would very much appreciate visitors participating in, that is inventively named What would you like to see improved? Basically, I'm after YOUR opinions on what parts of the site you would like to see expanded and improved upon. Please take time to visit it!

1st November 2008

With thanks to a brilliant roleplayer, there has been a new story unveiled in the Writings page - Nabana's Gambit, a must read for those intent on keeping up with the goings on in the pride. For those who don't feel like reading the whole story, the Kupotea page has been updated with a summary of the pridal goings-on. Also, a new photomanipulation has been uploaded to the Miscellaneous Image Gallery, of the widely considered 'hottie' of Kopje Valley - Kori! Enjoy, and I hope you've all had a Happy Halloween!

23rd October 2008

Due to having most of the week off thanks to a rather nasty icky illness I've managed to pick up, I've been able to complete a top secret project I've been harboring for some time! If you go to the Image Archive page, you will notice a new entry - The Lion King 1/2: Hakuna Matata! As you will see in a new feature of the Image Archive page, I have listed the amount of pictures in each gallery beside their picture. In this case, 1400 (excluding thumbnails) have been used. On another topic, officially 3000 visitors have now visited Vikali's Kopje since March the 24th this year! More incredibly, that's a thousand extra since Septmeber the 14th! On a less exciting and grand note but still one I would like to say nonetheless, another entry has been made in the Writings page! Now visitors can read what answers others have put down in response to The Lion King Meme! There are some really amusing answers there, so do keep coming in with them folks!

15th October 2008

After just over eight months of work, the Simba's Pride gallery has finally been completed! 4,579 files, near 1.4 gigabytes, and 3026 images (including thumbnails) went into the making of the gallery, which I feel safe in saying is the largest anywhere on the net! Also, a new interactive feature has been added to the Kopje - under the Writings section, a new entry titled 'The Lion King Meme' has been added. Do check it out, as many laughs (and the occasional eww) ensue!

12th October 2008

Following a vaguelly hectic week and a day-long blitz, three more Simba's Pride galleries have made it online! Firstly, the famous One of Us scene; secondly, You will never be Mufasa!, where Kiara leaves Pride Rock; and last but not least, Love Will Find a Way. At the rate things are going, I hope to have finally finished all of the Simba's Pride galleries by the end of this Tuesday! Oh, and once again, kudos to Msasi for the brilliant advice regarding how to display the latest Simba's Pride galleries.

7th October 2008

Phew, haven't registered any updates for a while! Now, I should note to all reading, that I usually like to get a couple of galleries up before posting news of it in the Updates section. In this case, a staggering three galleries containing 304 images in total have been uploaded. These are: Seeking Counsel, Upendi, and Ambushed. Following a conversation with the ever helpful Msasi, I've decided that I will be uploading new galleries in a picture-only format, as seen in the galleries mentioned above. This is so that you, the visitors, can see more pictures and stills instead of waiting weeks on end for my brain to kick into gear, which is neccessary to write my hopefully amusing comments in the galleries. Do not fear, however! When I have thought up comments for galleries, I will uploaded them in the good old picture/comment format you've grown accustomed to.

29th September 2008

Four updates we have today! Firstly, a number of pictures (involving my recent Lion King purchases) have been uploaded to the Miscellaneous Image Gallery. Secondly, I have updated the photomanipulation of Uhodari and Naima to a more realistic colour scheme (my old monitor was darker than the standard one). Thirdly, I have added my favourite cub, the lioness Msasi to my Special Thanks page, and lastly I have uploaded a script to the Writings section of how I think Simba's Pride should have gone!

14th September 2008

'You are the 2000th lion to visit Vikali's Kopje since March 24th, 2008.' - Today we have officially reached the mark of two thousand visitors in just under six months! Long live the Kupotea!

12th September 2008

One or two minor corrections have been made on the Kupotea page and most importantly, another Simba's Pride gallery has been released! Check out For Fun today!

8th September 2008

Two (everything's in twos these days) Simba's Pride galleries have made it online - An Unwelcome Stranger and Simba's Nightmare! Due to some very positive feedback about them, it kickstarted my mind into continue making them! Also, on that note, I have removed the tiny counters and have replaced them with a much more effective, invisible system. Enjoy!

5th September 2008

The now (seemingly monthly) update for the Kupotea page has been put into place, as well as a few other features! A few of the main pages have had small counters placed at the very bottom, so I can keep an eye on how often that page is visited. That way I can shift attention from the least hit sections to the sections with the most hits, meaning more of what YOU want will be added!

4th September 2008

Two more photographs have been uploaded to the Miscellaneous Image Gallery! The first is of my prized lioness plushie Sarabi, and second my poster of Simba and Mufasa. The Kupotea page should be updated shortly - stay tuned!

30th August 2008

The first half of one of my infamous projects is being released earlier than I intended, due to writer's block regarding the second half! It is an extensive FAQ page accessable through the navigation bar. The page covers questions ranging from The Lion King to the Kupotea to the Website itself. It's design is based off Brian Tiemann's one at lionking.org and features great insight about the lioness Vikali.

14th August 2008

Several more interesting and fun options have been added to the poll 'Who is your favourite (non-official) Lion King couple?' along with another update, a new addition to Stories from the Kupotea that I am sure will interested people - a piece simpled entitled 'Nabana'.

12th August 2008

Two more pieces have been uploaded to my ever popular (or ever uploading stuff to) Miscellaneous Image Gallery! The first, a photomanipulation for a lioness friend of mine, Usafidi, and the second a piece of art I commissioned Kourukon to do... Kings, did he do well. It is none other than the lioness herself, Vikali!

4th August 2008

After literal months of planning and almost a year of work later, the most important of the Stories of the Kupotea has been revealed - The Romance of Nadhifu and Utamu. This epic story features seven players, twelve individual characters, and has been carefully pieced together with help from the panther Kousho. In relation to the story, there are also several changes made around the site in relation to the story - facts that may now be revealed. Happy readings!

27th July 2008

Uploaded four new polls, three relating to your favourite music from The Lion King and a fourth that's just for fun. Will update more soon, hopefully.

19th July 2008

The remaining four songs in the Simba's Pride section of the Lyrics page have been uploaded, meaning all the songs for that film have been transcribed! In a five day blitz, I have managed to do My Lullaby, Upendi, One of Us, and Love Will Find a Way.

15th July 2008

After two and a half months, I have finally cleared my writer's block revolving gallery 10 of Simba's Pride (An Unwelcome Stranger), and it's uploaded for everyone to see!

13th July 2008

Phew! Finally, another update. I've been delayed from uploading and adding more due to being on holiday for a week in Turkey, which was fun even if I couldn't update the site. But anyhow, we have a bunch of updates that I've been trickling online over the past month or so. Firstly, a third Story from the Kupotea has been uploaded - Royal Rendevous - along with two images in the Miscellaneous Image Gallery, one of Karove and his sort-of mate Shenzi, and one of Msaada's family tree. Kosue the Leopardess has been added to the Special Thanks page, and the soundtrack poll has been removed from the Polls page due to lack of interest in it. I have recently uploaded a photograph of my new Lion King towel to the Miscellaneous Image Gallery, shortly before uploading He Lives in You and We Are One to the Simba's Pride Lyrics section. The Kupotea page has finally been updated again, I have made a new section and a Lion King-themed parody of a Nightmare Before Christmas song in the Writings section, and last but not least, uploaded the Leopards Reference page.

14th June 2008

I have added several more pictures to the Lions Reference page, mostly high quality images of pregnant lionesses and a hard-to-find image of a suckling cub (which is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen). Also, a new entry has been added under 'Stories From the Kupotea' - Ujinga's Desire. This is the first that has been not been written solely by myself, with this latest piece co-written by Kousho the Panther. A third is in the works, so keep your eyes peeled!

13th June 2008

Ever the one to make notes and forget them, here are a list of various updates that have happened in the past couple of months that I forgot to mention: Added the lyrics for 'Le Lizwe', fixed the lyrics for Busa (had them in the wrong order) and added 'Busa Reprise'. On a more recent topic, I have uploaded a picture of Queen Bayana to the Miscellaneous Image Gallery and replaced the old picture of Njaa and Jaburu with a rework of it so it portrays Uhodari and Naima. Oh, and as of this day, I have achieved the top grade in the Unofficial Lion King Fandom Test with 584 points!

8th June 2008

My secret project that I have been pouring my time has been completed and my now be accessible from the navigation bar: Vitani's Den - Home of the Blue-eyed Seductress. A website in its own rights, it is devotely entirely and utterly to the lioness Vitani from The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride. Currently it features a pawfull of polls, a nice selection of fan art and fiction, as well as a page containing audio files of all her speech from Simba's Pride, wallpaper for most screen sizes, and lots more. If you like Vitani, then you'll love Vitani's Den. Self-promotion aside, I hope everyone enjoys it. I have also added another couple of polls to the main site and am working with Kousho at the moment to write another entry for the 'Stories From the Kupotea' section on the Writings page.

2nd June 2008

After ninety-six hours, I have finally completed Kingdom Hearts II on Standard (medium difficulty) Mode! I am so glad I decided to buy Kingdom Hearts to see what it was like, for now after completing the second game I can safely say it is my favourite over all others on every platform! I've already got the soundtrack on CD, it's so amazing. The Pride Lands were a definite highlight in the game, for me... I ended up spending over an hour staring at the 3D Shenzi in Jiminy's Journal. That's how happy I was. But onto other notes, that means I should be able to be more productive on this site, which I already have done by updating the main page, relocating the 'Polls' section from 'Writings' to it's own place on the navigation bar, and lastly adding several more of them! I hope to update the Kupotea section shortly!

4th May 2008 - 9pm post

The Kupotea page has at long last (and after nearly two months), been updated with assistance from my assistant, Kousho! Also, and to a more pleasing note, a new link has been added, and it's safe to say my favourite yet! Do have a look-see for yourselves!

4th May 2008 - 2am post

Uploaded my latest work to the Miscellaneous Image Gallery, a picture of the lioness Nonceba! On other notes, I have both good news and bad news: the good news is that I have finally ordered a copy of Disney's Sing-a-Long - the Lion King CD! The bad news is that I have also ordered Kingdom Hearts 2, so after it arrives there may well be larger-than-normal gaps between my updates. On a brighter note, I shall be working from now on with Kousho the panther on the Kupotea section of this site, so keep an eye out for any updates here, folks!

30th April 2008

Gallery 9 of Simba's Pride (Fire!) has been uploaded, along with the Miscellaneous Image Gallery and a new feature for the site - Polls! So far there are three polls active and they may be found within the Writings section.

21st April 2008

At last, a project that I have been working on over time has finally been completed - the Lions Reference page. Located in the Writings section, this page hosts a collection of links and images about lions, all bar two of the photographs high quality with information about what is happening in each image. This came to mind after having to spend nearly half an hour with a search engine one RP trying to find an photo detailing what a specific action looks like, yet I hope this reference work can also be of great help to artists, writers, teachers, and the curious alike. It is dedicated in honour of the recent Festival of Bast, and following this tribute I hope to create reference pages for both of the other two big cats of Africa, the cheetah and the leopard, by the month of July.

13th April 2008

Phew, that was a fairly big overhaul! Various colour-related problems with the Kupotea lions have been sorted out as have a few minor errors in their history section, the Links page has been updated, gallery 8 of Simba's Pride (Rumbled) has been uploaded, and I have removed the incomplete 'History' sections from the character pages which have been replaced by 'Did you know...' sections! Lastly but not least, I have added a rather special person to my Special Thanks list. I should note that I have had my attention robbed by the delightful game that is Kingdom Hearts. Between that recent purchase and The Lion King MUCK, I'm surprised I've managed to get anything done!

2nd April 2008

I have uploaded galleries 3.1 (Kovu) to 7 (Kiara's First Hunt) at long last; my grand plan of uploading 3.1 (Kovu) to 9 (Fire!) was swept aside by distractions and some problems in real life, not to mention some writer's block. More galleries will come with time, be assured!

24th March 2008

Finally, Vikali's Kopje has a hit counter up and running! It's been active since 1:30am this morning and can be found at the bottom of the front page. I've even included a piece of nifty javascript so it changes 'what you are' whenever the page is visited (Example: You are lion #235 to visit Vikali's Kopje since...; You are hyena #938 to visit...). The writings page has been updated to include the first of the Stories from the Kupotea, my personal TLK code, and lastly an revision of my Cubs essay.

17th March 2008

Whew, apologies for the even longer gap between updating. Been processing over three-hundred and forty images for the Simba's Pride gallery, which should hopefully be up by next Monday. For now, I've updated the Kupotea page with the latest of the goings on in the grasslands and also brightened up the colouring of pictures throughout the site.

2nd March 2008

The reason for the delay in updates has finally been revealed! I present to you the first CD of the Lyrics section, complete with phonetic word translations for all Zulu chants! Go check out the page and see it for yourself!

20th February 2008

Uploaded the third gallery in the Simba's Pride archive - Royal Babysitters.

18th February 2008

Completed and uploaded my Writings page, along with my first essay: Cubs - Whose are Whose?

12th February 2008

Uploaded the first two galleries (He Lives in You and Princess Kiara) in the Simba's Pride archive, and added a new page (still in construction) - Writings! The new page shall include small essays, little known but important facts, and humorous titbits. Also updated the Main Page.

9th February 2008

Uploaded the Taka gallery and changed the formatting for the picture page slightly... not that it's particually noticable, if at all.

8th February 2008

Completed the Image Archive page, although no of the galleries themselves have yet been uploaded. Expect the first tomorrow!

7th February 2008

Updated Vikali's page (the personal information section) to include her new adoptive brother, Kureha!

6th February 2008

Updated 'The Kupotea' page (getting the history up to where it is now), and changed the family tree picture into an image map, so when you click one of them, it takes you to their own page with information about them. Enjoy!

5th February 2008

After much deliberation, I have updated the website, reverting it from the evil publisher layout (which only works in IE browsers) to good ol' HTML!

26th December 2007

Vikali’s Kopje has finally been uploaded to the internet! A start has been made on the lyrics database, Vikali's page is in production, and the Kupotea page is fully complete!