Performed by Simba, Kiara, and Chorus

  • Simba
  • Male vocal
  • Simba and Chorus
  • Kiara
  • Female vocal
  • Backing vocals
  • Chorus

As you go through life you'll see
There is so much that we
Don't understand

And the only thing we know
Is things don't always go
The way we planned

But you'll see every day                                       [Ooh, ooh]
That we'll never turn away                                    [Ooh, ooh]
When it seems all your dreams come undone        [Ooh, ooh, ooh]

We will stand by your side                                   [-Yawayo]        [Ooh, ooh]
Filled with hope and filled with pride                    [Ooh, ooh]        [Oh samah way]
We are more than we are                                    [Ooh, ooh]
We are one

Family family
We are one                                                         [See kan ah hemna ah one]
Family family
We are one                                                         [See kan ah hey]

If there's so much I must be
Can I still just be me
The way I am?                                                     [See kan an hemna one]

Can I trust in my own heart
Or am I just one part
Of some big plan?                                                [Esiy, siy]

Even those who are gone                                     [Siy]         [Ooh, ooh]
Are with us as we go on                                       [Ooh, eyy]
Your journey has only begun                                [Ooh, ooh, ooh]         [Hun gahne wum eh way]

Tears of pain, tears of joy                                     [Ooh, ooh]
One thing nothing can destroy                               [Ooh, ooh]         [Luma luma yo a luma
Is our pride, deep inside                                       [Ooh, ooh]
We are one                                                          [Tuma yum, tuma yum]

Family family
We are one                                                          [See kan ah hemna ah one]
Family family                                                        [Woah]
We are one                                                          [See kan ah]

We are one, you and I                                          [Hey]         [Ooh, ooh]
We are like the earth and sky                                [Ooh, ooh]
One family under the sun                                       [Ooh, ooh]         [Hun gahne wum eh way]

All the wisdom to lead                                          [Ooh, ooh]
All the courage that you need                                [Ooh, ooh]         [Hey mama]         [Family]
You will find when you see
We are one                                                          [One, one]

~Note from Vikali~
I should note that after Simba has finished singing, there is about a minute of the chorus and various background chants being sung. However, I have not included these here for two reasons: firstly, the lyrics (for background, chorus, chants, calls, etc) aren't written by Lebo Morake, so I do not feel them as of high value as, say, any of the works he has been part of; secondly, it's not that exciting. It's the green chorus repeated over and over again with the occasional incoherent call.