Performed by Chorus

  • Lead male vocal
  • Secondary male vocal
  • Female chorus
  • Tertiary male vocal
  • Male chorus

Hem hem
Hem hem

Hem hem

[Musical Interlude]

Ho saana wanna fey le gray
Ho vaana na fey le gray
Ho vaana na fey le gray

[Musical Interlude]

Hema ya                              [Tobo lo]
A shem hiyuma ha                [Oh olo]
A shem hiyuma ha                [Eh heyah]

Tey hem heya yo bolo          [Ho]                               [Ho yaya]
Hem ehya yo bolo                [Hey, ha]
Hey ya yo bolo                    [Hoom]
Hem ehya yo bolo                [Eh hey eh hey ...]
Hey ya yo bolo                    [...eh hey eh hey eh hey!] [Hey, haa]

Hoom                                  [Eh hey, hah ooho]
Eh, hah                                [Oh hey ay...]
Hoom                                  [... ay....]
Oh, hah                               [... ay ooo] [Tey hem heya bolo, oy]
Hoom                                  [Hah]
Eh, hah                                [Asan tey a hoo boolah]
Hoom                                  [Eh, hah]    [Azen...]
Oh, hah                               [Hahee]      [...Hah]

~Note from Vikali~
These words can be heard sung shortly after Simba and Nala have their argument, the second verse when Simba is running after the magically disappearing Rafiki, and lastly when the Healer is leading Simba through the bush towards the reflecting pool. It can also be heard in the track 'Under the Stars' on The Lion King: Special Edition CD.