Balana the Lioness

Not only is a person who is fun to RP with, but also a most friendly and very helpful person. She met Vikali in her very first RP and from that changed her entire life. Without her assistance, this site would not be here today.

Brian Tiemann

The creator of The Lion King WWW Archive, he is undoutably one of the greatest contributors to the TLK community online. It is thanks to him that Vikali’s Kopje even exists, and I hope to do his kindness due honour by making this site as splendid as I can.


The largest of my thanks goes to the team at Walt Disney Picture Animations for creating such a fantastic movie that has touched so many lives and hearts, including my own. I thank you, Disney, for creating the greatest movie ever made: The Lion King.

Karove the Hyena

A good friend of mine, and one of the best role players I have ever come across, Karove has always been happy to listen to my thoughts when planning RPs for The Lion King MUCK, help check through my work, and brighten my day. Asante sana, my friend.

Kosue the Leopardess

Sharp witted, slightly rude, and full of fun, Kosue most certainly needs a mention here. Most times, before an update or change is put online, I seek this brilliant leopardess for her opinions and thoughts on the matter. A delightful roleplayer and Vikali the lioness' official best friend, there is no problem too great or too small for her to help me with. For this, I thank her.

Kousho the Panther

There are very few that come close to Kousho when it comes to the skills of RP, working with dedication on long and complex plotlines, often staying late into the night and early in the morning to both help and role play with myself and others. He is always eager to assist me in maintaining and improving this site, making creative suggestions, and even being the test subject for my work. He is with no doubt one of my best friends.

Mamela the Cheetah

Hyperactive, insanely cheerful, and terrifically good company, Mamela is truly a pleasure to know. Both a great roleplayer and a good friend, this bright bundle of spotty fur has been my main go-to regarding the development of the long-awaited The Lion King Image Galleries, not to mention also keeping me bouncy and motivated to continue my work. My sincere thanks to her.

Manatunde the Lion

A very caring friend of mine both in character and out of it, this lion has both helped me through rough times and has been a constant beacon of light. I hope this mention will be a step towards my thanks to him.

Msasi the Lioness Cub

A major fan of this website and the closest thing Vikali has to a cub in The Lion King MUCK, Msasi is both an endearing character and a talented roleplayer. The continuation of the Simba's Pride galleries, which were temporarily stopped but ended up being delayed longer, are entirely due to her asking for more. Praise be to this kind person who, unlike many, actually understands some of the strange phrases I come out with.