If something doesn't fit into one of the other galleries, it ends up here. That pretty much sums up this gallery, though I shall go into some more detail. Photographs (all taken by myself unless specified otherwise), manipulated image requests, and all pictures to do with the Kupotea may be found here.

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Back Cover The back cover of my Lion King bed linen, still in its packaging from Lidls, displaying the front side of the pillow case.
Nala Badge A simply fantastic badge of Nala as a cub I bought off Ebay for about £2.50, which I wore last time I went to The Lion King Musical! It measures 4 cms from head to paws and 3 cms from chest to tail.
Bed Covers During my routine perusal of my local Lidls supermarket, I chanced across a bin filled with Disney themed duvet covers, so decided I may as well have a rumage through. Lo and behold, at the very bottom was a Lion King one for a surprisingly low price of £4.99 (about $9.90)! I swiftly purchased the product and upon returning home fitted my bed out with it, which is pictured here with the front-side facing pillow.
Front Cover The front cover of my Lion King bed linen, still in its packaging from Lidls, displaying both sides of the pillow case.
The Lion King Musical - Simba Keychain The Baby Simba Keychain Plushie from The Lion King Musical, bought for £3 following the evening performance on the 16th of September, 2008. He measures 12 cms from top of the head to the hindpaws and 7 cms from cheek to cheek.
My Lion King Media My neat display of Lion King media, with my DVDs of The Lion King and Simba's Pride having pride of place in the center. The CDs around the sides are: The Lion King: Special Edition, Rhythm of the Pride Lands, The Lion King: Original Broadway Cast Recording, The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, and lastly Disney's Sing-Along - The Lion King. You can also see my original Lion King VHS atop the center right stack. If you're curious, click here to see a full list of the media on this shelf.
Uglee Mug A china drinking mug made in England by Kilncraft, and is decorated with pictures of the famous hyena trio, along with the big black words 'Uglee Mug' (mug being British slang for somone who is guillible or a bit of an idiot). It measures 9 by 8 centimeters, and was purchased for a total of £7.50 on Ebay.
14 Inch Nala Nala was the first Lion King plushie I bought about four months after I got hooked into The Lion King. She measures 36 centimeters from head to rump and was bought from the Disney Store.
Giant Nala Arguably my largest cuddly toy (with perhaps the exception of a lion bought from the wonderful TaniDaReal a few months before), my giant Nala measures a full 50 centimeters from her head to rump, with her muzzle an incredible 40 centimeters off the ground.
My Fluffy Simba Pen! A gift given to me by my Reiki master, the little Simba atop wiggles and glows orange if you write with the pen. I've not used it much though, as I want to keep it in a good condition (the collector in me is coming out)!
Simba and Mufasa Poster Another fantastic Ebay find, a glorious picture of the young cub Simba and King Mufasa, standing on the promontory of Pride Rock and looking across their lands at dusk. Unfortunately I can't remember how much it cost me, but the measurements are 52 x 42 cms.
Sarabi and Simba By a lucky stroke of chance, I managed to find this rare Sarabi plushie on Ebay complete with cub Simba (though not the original one), much to my great delight! After some frenzied bidding, I managed to win them for £44.78, including postage and packaging. Sarabi is 52 cms from muzzle to rump and Simba 18 cms.
The Lion King Musical - Scar Collectible Mask The Scar Collectible Mask from The Lion King Musical, bought for £10 following the evening performance on the 16th of September, 2008. Measures 15 cms from goatee to top head spike, and about 8 cms from cheek to cheek.
14 Inch Simba This Simba is the second Lion King plushie I bought after becoming ever so slightly obsessed over The Lion King (who wouldn't, after all?). Like my smaller Nala, he measures 36 centimeters from head to rump and comes from the Disney Store.
Original 1994 Simba Quite probably my oldest Lion King possession, with only a small possibility of my VHS copy of The Lion King being older than it. He is from when the film was first released in 1994, and has accidentally been dropped in a river once, hugged a thousand times at least, and measures 18 centimeters.
Towel Whilst on one of my Ebay haunts, I managed to find this really big Lion King beach towel for £8.95, just in time for my holidays! It's really lovely and soft, made from linen, and big too! It measures at roughly 180 x 100cms.

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